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Duke Nukem 3D - Megaton Edition Cheats

Duke Nukem 3D - Megaton Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter the cheats below for the corresponding effect.

Code          Effect
DNVIEW      - Same effect as pressing the F7 key.
DNHYPER     - Steroids Mode.
DNITEMS     - All inventory items and keys.
DNWEAPONS   - All weapons and ammo.
DNKEYS      - All keys.
DNSTUFF     - All weapons, keys, and inventory items.
DNSCOTTYxyz - Level Warp, where 'x' is the Episode and 'yz' is the level number.
DNSKILLx    - Changes difficulty mode to 'x' (0-3).
DNUNLOCK    - Unlocks and opens all doors.
DNMONSTERS  - Turns off/on all monsters.
DNCLIP      - Walk through walls.
DNSHOWMAP   - Reveals entire map.
DNCASHMAN   - Showers of money when you press SPACE.
DNCOORDS    - Provides detailed map coordinate/level info.
DNDEBUG     - Provides debug info.
DNRATE      - Shows frame rate on-screen when in full screen mode.
DNCOSMO     - Prints message: "Register Cosmo Today".
DNBETA      - Prints message: "Pirates Suck!".
DNALLEN     - Prints message: "Buy Major Stryker".

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                    How to unlock
Alien Bastards are Gonna Pay - Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in 
                               under 3 minutes. 
Come Get Some                - Complete "Shrapnel City" on any difficulty.
Damn I'm Good                - Complete "The Birth" on any difficulty.
Duke's Mighty Foot           - Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker on them.
I've Got Balls of Snow       - Complete "Duke: Nuclear Winter" on any difficulty.
Let's Rock                   - Complete "Lunar Apocalypse" on any difficulty.
Limbo time!                  - Complete "Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach" on any difficulty.
Oomph, Uugh, Where is it?    - Find 70 secret areas. 
Piece of Cake                - Complete "L.A. Meltdown" on any difficulty.
Shake It Baby                - Tip an exotic dancer.
Shit Happens                 - Step in a pile of excrement.
The Patriot Act              - Complete "Duke It Out In D.C." on any difficulty.
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