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Duck Season Cheats

Duck Season

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

After your first play through the game will give you New Game+ and at this point 
if you want to grind out the endings it is recommended to do this in Easy mode 
because you don’t have to reload and each level is only 1 wave instead of 3 and 
drastically speeds up the process.

-=Canon Ending=-
Shoot the dog during any duck round (Sound will confirm) and then make it to 
the “Come at me level”. After that defeat the Dog by keeping the TV Safe. When 
back in the living room pick up the game gun on the ground and kill the dog 
when he shows up. (about 5 shots)

-=Die Ending
Do the same thing as “Canon Ending” but let the dog kill you in the living room.

-=Stuck Ending=-
Same process as “Canon” and “Die” but let the dog break the TV in the 
“Come at me” level.

-=Best Men Ending=-
During the News Report or the level after there will be a phone on the ground. 
Pick the phone up and a 911 call will be made. Listen to her she will say “keep 
doing what you are doing help is on the way” and then finish the game and just 
watch the ending. (unsure if you must shoot the dog before this happens but 
shooing the dog will work.)

On any play through except the first one you will start seeing random golden 
bullets sometimes at early as level 1 but i am unsure what causes the golden 
bullets to show up. you can see them in the Ammo boxes on the truck. one shell 
in the left box will be golden. empty your shotgun and spam the shells until 
you get the golden one and load it in and shoot the Sun.

-=Fiesta Ending=-
Go through a play through and do not shoot the dog at any time. This will trigger 
the Bed time hindrance and you must go to sleep. You wake up and play the Fiesta 
game and the game ends.

-=Dog Ending=-
This must be completed after you have the other 6 endings. Do the Fiesta ending 
again but this time you will see a different cardboard cutout during the bedtime 
sequence and he will be looking at a VHS tape. When you load back into the 
livingroom the fiesta game will be on the floor but also this time there will 
be a VHS tape that reads “its me” on the side. Play this for the final ending. 
It is worth noting that anytime you put this tape in the VCR it will trigger 
this ending even if you were not planning on it.
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