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Dreamscaper Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Character Gift Guide:
Written by suelo

A guide on which character 'prefers' gifts you craft in your Dream Journal. 
Giving characters the 'correct' gift will help you build your relationships 
faster, unlocking new skills, weapons, interactions, etc.

Which Character Prefers Gifts You Craft

This guide is ongoing, but low level gifts will help a lot when giving them to 
the 'correct' characters and will help you develop relationships with characters 
faster, in turn unlocking new abilities and weapons in the prologue full release!

Gifts are crafted in the 2nd tab of the Dream Journal located near your bed with 
resources you collect on your runs. Certain resources can only be gathered in 
higher levels. Characters can be found at any random location at any time, you 
will usually have enough time to check all three locations (Bar, Cafe, Bookshop) 
when waking up.

Chit-chatting will give you a small amount of progress with each character, but 
will cost thirty minutes. Alongside giving the correct gift, chit-chatting helps 
you find out more about each character's interests and can give you a clue as 
to which character would prefer in terms of gifts. 
The character descriptions can be found on the 3rd tab of the dream journal.

-=1 Star Gifts=-
Hand Made Coaster: Eve and Alison*
Sketch of a Mighty Heroine: Alison
Abstract Poem: Bruce
Painting of a Serene Landscape: Eve and Tamal
Photo of the Redhaven Streets: Tamal and Bruce
Artistic Photo From Trip Abroad: Eve and Tamal*
Whimsical Sonnet: Bruce and Alison*

-=2 Star Gifts=-
Cool Beat Poem: Tamal*
Pencil Study of Downtown: Bruce
Postcard of Redhaven: Eve
Hand-drawn Movie Poster: Alison*
Notebook with Illustrated Cover: Bruce
Fox-Shaped Cookies: Tamal and Alison
Painting of a Far-away Land: Eve and Tamal*

-=3 Star Gifts=-
Carved Walking Stick: Tamal*
Miniature Sculpture of a Puppy: Alison
Striking Watercolor of a Sunset: Eve*
Beautiful Aerial Photo: Tamal and Eve*
Picturebook: Alison and Eve*
Homemade Oven Mitts: Tamal and Bruce*
Fantastical Short Story: Bruce and Eve and Alison*

-=4 Star Gifts=-
Rustic Mug: Alison*
Hand-carved Pocket Knife: Tamal
Miniature of Redhaven Theater: Bruce
Embroidered Hand Towel: Tamal and Bruce*

-=5 Star Gifts=-
Photo of a Biker Convoy: Tamal and Eve*
Illustration of a Classical Musician: Bruce` and Alison` and Fernando`
Hand-made Duffel Bag: Tamal` and Carl`
Prehistoric Joke Collection: Bruce and Alison
Salvaged Leather Belt: Fernando'

-=6 Star Gifts=-
Exquisite Turned Pen: Bruce* and Eve' and Tamal' and Carl'
Tryptic of a Famous Knight: Burce' and Alison' and Carl'
Miniature Oak Cask: Eve*
Playing Card of Historical Figures: Bruce' and Fernando'
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