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Don't Move Cheats

Don't Move

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Star Codes:
Just hit L or R respectively at any point other than the title screen.
The fourth one (LLRRLRLRLRRR), must be entered on the title screen, 
before the screen fades to black.

Effect             Code
Grants all stars - LLRRLRLRLRRR

Game Ending:
At the very end of a run, the level makes you loop to the other side of 
the screen, like Pac-Man, and makes it very hard to die. Once you loop 
around, the side you entered in appears as a letter just below the middle
of the screen. If you make the letters say "LRLLRLRR", it will unstick 
your camera.

Ghost Jim:
If you manage to reach both of the torches closest to the player's spawn
point without dying, a ghost version of the ninja, dubbed "Jim" by the 
games creator will float across the screen.
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