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Disney Heroes Battle Mode Cheats

Disney Heroes Battle Mode

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
-=Unlock Everything=-
At the beginning of the game, you are restricted to access most of the 
features; black market, arena, missions, and more. And also you have 
limited heroes. So what is the best way to unlock everything in Disney 
Heroes game?

* In one sentence – Play Campaign Mode
* You should complete all the chapters of campaign mode before you try 
  out the arena and all other battles because completing chapters in 
  campaign mode reward you hero chips, items, XP drink, EXP, and much
  more and you will be able to build a powerful team of heroes.
* Don’t play arena mode before building a powerful team of Disney Heroes 
  and to build the powerful team, you should level-up all the heroes and 
  it can be done by completing chapters under the campaign mode.

-=Increase The Power Of Your Heroes=-
You earn a number of items after completing a stage or mission, these 
items can be used in increasing the power of heroes. 
Just head to the heroes section -> tap on a hero ->

* Stats – Under this sub-section, you can level-up your hero using XP 
  drink. Increase the number of stars using hero chips.
* Badges – Equip all the badges and complete the set to promote your 
  hero to a next level.
* Skills – Upgrade your hero skills by spending coins and boost up 
  the power.
* You can check out all the items under item tab of the game.
-=Sell Items=-
If you need gold, then you can sell items such as gold credit, silver 
credit, and more. Head to the item section, tap on an item -> sell 
and confirm. Don’t sell useful items.

-=Complete Quests=-
You can increase the team level by completing quests. 
Complete Quests -> Earn Team XP -> Level-Up Fast. Go to the quest tab of 
the game and check out all the tasks you have to complete in order to 
gain team XP.

-=Claim Free Crates and rewards=-
* Go to the main screen of Disney Heroes game and head to the crates 
  section. Claim your free crates and get useful items; hero chips, 
  badges, and much more.
* Complete events and you can earn a huge amount of diamonds and gold for 
  free. To check events, go to the main screen ->tap on the calendar/event
  option(at the bottom right) and check your tasks.
* Mailbox – Sometimes you receive the reward under this section. 
* So do check this section always.
* Medals – This is another section where you can claim you free rewards 
  after completing the mentioned tasks.
* Claim daily login reward.
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