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Dirt 5 Cheats

Dirt 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievements & Trophies:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding 
achievement or trophy.

-=+10 HRSPRS=-
Save your first customized livery
-=Fast Cars and Fancy Cards=-
Customize and save your player card

-=Jack of All Trades=-
Complete one of every type of Career Event

Score 30,000 or higher in a Career Gymkhana event

-=Graduation Ceremony=-
Complete Chapter 1

-=Extreme Acceleration=-
Complete Chapter 2

-=Escape Velocity=-
Complete Chapter 3

-=Final Shift=-
Complete Chapter 4

-=Gonna Need New Tyres=-
Complete a 100m drift

-=Long Jump=-
Jump 50m distance in a single jump

-=Spare Some Change for Gas?=-
Drive 10,000 miles

-=Practice Makes Perfect=-
Complete 10 clean laps

-=Superstar Story=-
Complete Chapter 5

-=Checks and Balances=-
Earn a total of $1,000,000

-=Blank Slate=-
Build and test your first Playground

-=Everyone’s a Critic=-
Rate a Playground

-=I’ll Show Them! I’ll Show Them All!=-
Unlock all Throwdowns in the career

-=Now I Am the Master=-
Complete the Superstar Finale of the Career

-=No Event Left Behind=-
Complete every Career Event

Reach level 50, becoming a Superstar

Spare Some Change for Gas? Achievement Guide:
Written by mizubee

-=Getting Set Up=-
First and foremost, I recommend that you finish the career mode and hunt 
the other achievements before going for this one, as doing so will add 
more miles to your total and thus reducing the overall grind. I had 480-
ish miles myself after having completed each other achievement prior to 
starting this one.

Before launching DiRT 5, create a macro on your keyboard that continously 
presses your acceleration key. (For example, I have set up a keybind on 
the - key on my numpad to repeat the w key.)

If you cannot assign a macro to a key on your keyboard, use another method 
to have your car accelerate non-stop (such as placing a small, heavy object 
on the key, or taping down your accelerate button if you're on controller.)

After having created method to accelerate, launch DiRT 5 and navigate to 
the Free Play menu by going:

Main Menu -> Arcade -> Free Play

-=Then, set up your event to match the following settings=-
For location, it is important that you pick Norway -> Sprint Hans Circuit. 
Do NOT pick Hans Circuit Reverse! I found from personal experience that the 
collision on the walls of the circuit are kind of wacky and may cause your 
car to get stuck.

For car class, any is fine. However, I personally choose Rally GT.

For weather, any should be fine. However, the safest bet may be to pick 
clear weather.

Ensure the number of laps is 50 and the grid size is 1. 
This makes it so you do 50 laps with no other opponents.

-=Letting the Game Play Itself=-
After finishing the setup, now it's time to let the game do the work!

Once the race starts, simply start your macro (or alternative method) and 
watch as the car makes sweet love to the wall for the next 50 laps. 
You're safe to leave the game running at this point, so maybe watch a 
YouTube video or do some house work while you wait.

Using this method, I have personally found that I gain 22 miles towards 
the achievement after an approximately 21-23 minute race.
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