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Dinosaur Hunt: Africa Contract Cheats

Dinosaur Hunt: Africa Contract

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "100 KILLS" achievement:
* Select Survival mode, then go to "Bonus" and choose "Zombie". You 
  can get fast and easy kills with the small zombies. Quit the game 
  restart when the zombies begin to get more health. 
  Repeat the process as many times as needed.
* Select Survival modes to get unlimited waves of enemies. In "Bonus" 
  tab from the "Play any Mod" menu, purchase ammo and an UZI for 1,000 
* Start Survival mode on the "City" map. Kill the bunnies that spawn 
  until you reach 100 kills.

Easy "CAMPAIGN" achievement:
The campaign has eleven missions. Use the help option at the bottom left
corner to find out what you need to hunt on each level. Press T to see 
where the dinosaurs are found, go to that location, and kill the correct
one. If there are too many possible targets or if they are in opposite 
directions or too far away, press [Esc] and rejoin the game until you 
get the correct random setup. 

Easy "SURVIVAL GENERAL" achievement:
The 15 minute stipulation is cumulative. You can repeat the process as 
many times as needed until your total playtime for Hard reaches 15 
minutes. Note: You will also need to repeat the 15 minutes time limit 
for Medium and Easy.
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