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Democracy 3 Cheats

Democracy 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Editing Save Game Files:
You can edit your save game. Edit the “finances” fields. 
Note: Save Files should be located here: 

* Make note of how much you have in “debt” or “reserves”. 
* The number is listed on top of the screen, in game.
* Save your game. 
* Go to where your save game is located and open by right clicking on the 
  file and choosing “edit”. 
* Do not open with notepad, it will just spew out giberish. 
* Just right click on the file and choose edit.
* Now, click “Cntrl+F”, a search field will come up. 
* Type in “Finances” in the search field. 
* It will find Finances toward the bottom of the save file.
* Look at the numbers listed under finances. 
* There should be 6 fields, or so.
* Check which field matches your debt or reserves. 
* Should be field number 5.
* Edit that field to give yourself “Reserves”. 
* I think if there’s a minus in front of the number, it will be positive 
  reserves in the game. 
* If there is no minus, then a positive number will mean debt in the game.
* Now, open your save game and enjoy. 
* You can run a country at as high a deficit as you want and keep spending 
  your never ending reserves.
* Also, you can edit the political capital the same way. 
* Just search for “politicalcapital” and edit the points field. 
* It should be located toward the bottom of the save file as well.
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