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Deep Rock Galactic Cheats

Deep Rock Galactic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips For Any Class:
*Inspect the starting room well.
*Toss those flares (they re-spawn quickly).
*If you are the 4th player to join, pick the class the team is missing.
*Pay attention to the number of flares on the ground and the color 
 (says a lot about whoís been there and for how long).
*Pickaxes DO NOT deal friendly fire.
*Tag Red Sugar as you see it if your teammates are wounded 
 (a friendly subliminal reminder).
*You can ďgrabĒ ledges. Tap your jump button. You can also press and hold jump.
*Donít leave your scout behind while he/she gathers materials.
*Any number of Dwarves can join in on a press and hold action 
 (2 Dwarves can resuscitate a fallen player faster than one).
*ANY Dwarf on the team can build the engieís turrets 
 (though some might not want you to).
*Look for the M.U.L.E before making it get up and move 3 feet.
*Use your lazer pointer regularly 
 (you might be the only one to see that resource the whole game).
*Tap your lazer pointer regularly to keep track of the teamís position.
*Use your ďshoutĒ when you want the teamís attention.
*Check with your team before ordering a supply drop!
*Turning off headlamp can make it easier to see the glow of, jadiz, 
 eggs and so on.
*Bugs fear explosions.

Advanced Tips For Any Class:
*Use the bugsí fear of explosions against them.
*Anticipate friendly movement (walk behind, not in front).
*LISTEN to your teammates. The Dwarves have many voice prompts and unique 
 sound effects. Example: If the engie hears the scout shout ďLights up!Ē, 
 the engie should be checking the lit area for difficult to reach materials 
 to platform.
*Environmental hazards ó electric crystals, slime, and so on ó affect the 
 bugs too.
*Balance ammo consumption. Ammo drops give 50% to all, so swap weapons for
 maximum gain.
*Know when to use the terrain scanner.
*Kiting Praetorians 180 degrees is powerful and requires no ammo.

Scout Class Tips & Tricks:
*During extraction (when the drop pod has been called), use your grapple to go 
 a little ahead of your team to try and show them which way to go or alert of 
 dangers. Use your flaregun and place markers (control+left click) on the right 
 paths, like a hard to spot tunnel dug by a driller which leads onwards. A wrong 
 turn can quickly get everyone cornered and killed. Just be mindful not to stray 
 too far from them however, youíll need a lot of situational awareness.
*Also during extraction, your inhibitor grenade can be dropped at your feet to 
 stop any swarms from following your team.
*The Scout and Engineer has a symbionic relationship, he places a platform under 
 an ore vein, and the Scout grapples onto it for instant access. Both players of 
 these classes should always be aware of this strategy. If either class marks a 
 vein, look at it. They may want a platform or a Scout to go on it.
*Using the Inhibitor grenade together with a Drillerís flamethrower will make 
 very short work of enemies.
*When using the flaregun try to place the flare as centered in the chamber as 
 possible, like on the large crystals if theyíre present. Just remember it has 
 bullet drop.
*Use the grapple as a movement extension. Dodge enemies and explore difficult 
 terrain. Just be mindful to grapple above something to land on else you will 
 fall and may take damage. Should you mess up you can always grapple back.
*The grapple allows you to quickly reach downed teammates and get them back up 
*Nitra often spawns quite protruded from the rockface, meaning it becomes itís 
 own platform to stand on.

Engineer Class Tips & Tricks:
*When placing platforms on vertical veins for Scouts to use, try to have it land 
 between the bottom and middle of the vein. That way the Scout can reach higher 
 and still be able to mine the bottom, speeding up the mining.
*Donít waste your platforms, you donít have many. If you can dig instead of 
 making a wonky staircase, do that. Unless youíre extracting, then thereís no 
 need to hold on to the platforms.
*When youíre told a swarm is coming, place the turrets in an open area if 
 possible as it gives everyone more space to maneuver. It can still be viable 
 to use tunnels as chokepoints but your team would often have to be more 
 experienced. Remember that dead Praetorians release a cloud of damaging 
 gas, wouldnít want a tunnel filled with it.

Gunner Class Tips & Tricks:
*When placing satchel charges, check so there arenít any teammates next to them. 
 This is the most common form of friendly fire. The same should be said to anyone 
 else, if you hear someone say theyíre placing explosives, get out of the way.
*Think before placing ziplines. Is there another way? Is it a better option like 
 digging? See what your driller does if there is one, maybe heís going to create 
 a tunnel instead. If itís just a short gap thatís too far to jump, perhaps an 
 Engineer will bridge it.
*Try to keep atleast one zipline for when you extract, they often become very 
 important and can make or break a mission.

Driller Class Tips & Tricks:
*During extraction it can be a very viable option to drill your way to the drop 
 pod if the proper way canít be found. Usually at around 80 meters give or take 
 is when you should consider doing it, but make sure your team knows about it as
 they would want to cover you.
*Donít use the flamethrower nonstop, it will drain itís fuel in vain. You can 
 tell a good Driller from a bad one by how well they use the damage overtime. 
 Be it against swarms or Praetorians.
*When drilling you should tap your mouse button instead of holding it, this 
 makes it last longer before overheating.
*Itís often a good strategy to finish enemies using your pickaxe after setting 
 them on fire, even though the Drillerís pickaxe deals less melee damage the
 fire will cover for it.
*Always consider drilling a tunnel if traversing up or down elevated areas even 
 if itís not needed at the time. Your team may need to go back up in a hurry 
 for example and it would be nice if a path has already been made. Itís always 
 a good idea to image what itís like going back, espacially when playing the 
 Driller. That is one of the reasons he should be played when you have some 
 experience with the game.
*Using the flamethrower together with a Scoutís Inhibitor grenade will make 
 very short work of enemies.

Barrel Ball Guide:
Written by Len Kagamine

How to be the best Barrel-Ball dwarf around.

So, you want that sweet sweet achievement? Or did you just stumble upon this guide 
randomly? Welp, either way, im gonna teach you the ins and outs of our dwarves 
second favorite pass-time, barrel ball!

-=The Game=-
Barrel ball is a simple game, you kick a barrel into a moving hoop. 
However: There are some things some people might miss about the game.

1: The hoop will change speeds when it hits the LEFT border. 
   Moving right then back left is 1 cycle.
2: Red barrels appear every 5th barrel, they are worth more points
3: Scoring barrels in a row will net you x2,x3, and even x4 points.
4: Failing to score a barrel with a combo before the basket completes a "cycle" 
   will drop your combo.
5. The barrel bounces once upon landing, be careful, as this may throw off your aim!

-=The Achievement=-
The achievement spoken about in this guide is called "If only I got paid for this..." 
Which tasks you with getting 3000 points within 100 kicks, so lets break that down 
and give you some tips.

-=How to Do It=-
Tip 1: Every 5th barrel will net you either 15,50,100, or ?150? points. Don't miss them; 
       and try to get the barrel before in.
Tip 2: The basket will only change speed when it hits the Left side. So use that to 
       judge when you should kick the barrel.
Tip 3: At its slowest speed, you should kick just when it starts to turn around. At 
       its fastest, aim slightly left and kick when it hits the middle.
Tip 4: Its virtually impossible to get 2 baskets in a row if its moving at its fastest 
       both times, better to lose a combo then lose a kick.
Tip 5: Keep those fractions in order, if you don't have 1000 points by the 33rd kick, 
       reset. Same with 1500 and 50, as well as 2000 and 66.
Tip 6: Reset sooner rather than later, if you miss 3+ of your first 10, reset. 
       Same if you miss both of your first few red barrels.
Tip 7: Make sure that you reset on a red barrel; This will maintain that after your 
       4th kick, your next one will be red. This maximizes the amount of red barrels 
       you get, as your last shot will be a red barrel.
Tip 8: Only aim for when the hoop is moving left. That way you know its speed.
Tip 9: Keep your cool, don't take your frustration out on the barrels, take it out 
       down in the mines.
Tip 10: When in doubt, shoot early. The hoop will move to the left, so the rim will 
        catch it and the momentum will push it in.
Tip 11: There's no bonus for "swooshing" the barrel, but doing so does net you style 
        points to your friends.
Tip 12: Try and get all 10 of the first 10 in, this will net you a decent start.

That's all, and good luck in the mines.

Gameplay tips:
If you stay in an area for an extended period of time, flatten the terrain. The gun 
works better on flat ground especially if you go for puddles. Rocks sticking our can 
break your consistency a bit.
Use c4 to extend the rooms youíre in if you need to. Especially with goo bomber 
special. This is a ďgenericĒ driller tip, but good to remember.
If you see a chokepoint, itís your spot. Especially if you puddle. The direct shots 
also have a small ďspreadĒ, so if you shoot a bug and others were too close they will 
also get hit and now covered.
When you shoot something, itís immidietly slowed. No questions asked. This makes it 
an excellent weapon against anything thatís hard to freeze.
1 blob is enough to kill the lone grunt. The DOT will finish it off, no need to use 
more ammo on them. Same applies to lootbugs.
Iíll specifically elevate armor melting again. This is a very underappriciated mod, 
that is worth picking. The base damage of the DOT is enough for most bugs, you can 
chose another utility. I donít pick it on the example builds, because if you pick 
that then you should push yourself to hit those exposed spots.
If youíre a scout, and the driller covered 3+ preatorians in goo, throwing in a cryo 
grenade is a waste. Those will no longer be a threat, even with the base slow.
Zipline perching (when youíre up on the gunners zipline and shoot from up there) is 
also useful with this weapon. Your aim becomes more accurate from up there.
Be preemptive, shoot where the bugs will be when the goo lands. When you see the 
digging animation you can strike, youíll hit them as they spawn.

Iíll only include some highlights. Basic things like Field medic and Iron will 
work of course.

Dash gives us much needed mobility when jumping around our puddle.
Born ready can save us some reloads. This is usualy a bad perk, but only because we 
can have a primary, a secondary, and a support tool that we donít need to reload. But 
with the pump we can easily run a kit where both the primary and the secondary can make use of it.
Friendly is useful if our charged shots hit our mates. You have to watch out, it can happen a lot.
Because the sludge pump is not a ďconstant stream of damageĒ (flamethrower, cryocannon), thorns 
can help us against swarmers
Vampire is viable even without the axe (counts as meelee), 
if we make use of our drills as a weapon as well.
These work, the rest is going to be your personal preference.

-=Final notes=-
I repeatedly hear ďuse epc because the fire is goodĒ, but the fire is not the singular 
direction for this weapon.
Itís not that I donít like the epc, I considered a lot of different EPC options. But it 
always worked consistently better when I had pure burst damage in the secondary if it wasnít 
used for some form of utility. (eg: fire) Even the non-auto fire subata can deal damage more 
quickly. The flamer or the cryocannon both deal damage faster than the subata, so it does not 
need to step in specifically for that.
Always attack Goo bombers. You must take your revenge!
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