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Death and Taxes Cheats

Death and Taxes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Achieve The Balance Ending and Rulebender Achievement:
Written by Claricestarling

Information on how to achieve those two.

Quick rundown on how to achieve the "balance" guide and "rulebreaker" achievement. 
It is recommended to buy the snowglobe and the lamp in Mortimer's shop and having 
played through the game several times before attempting these.

-=Balance Ending=-
Aim to reach Utopia for the first 14 days. This is IMPORTANT since I noticed that 
if you keep the sky grey until day 14 and more or less follow Fate's instructions, 
the sky in the will turn red afterwards and there's nothing you can do about it to 
change the situation in the last two weeks. No matter how much you will further 
improve the stats, it will result in a dystopian ending.
You're on the right track if the sky in the snowglobe stays blue after day 14. Now 
you can begin to lower certain stats so the sky will change to a faint blue, grey 
or dark grey. Be sure to keep the world balanced until day 28, and that is how you 
achieve the "Balance" ending. Like I mentioned, the snowglobe and the lamp are super 
helpful for that.
If you made it: Congrats, you now belong to the lucky 11,6%! (Or whatever percentage 
of people got this ending when you're reading this guide)

-=Rulebender achievement=-
Here is one way to do it that worked for me.

* ALWAYS mark the WRONG amount of profiles dead on every single day.
* Don't let everyone live/die on most days, except:
* On "wildcard" days when Fate gives you instructions like "go with the flow", let 
  everyone LIVE to annoy him. You will still get your 300 bucks, but this act of sass 
  will still count towards the achievement.
* You're on the right track if you only get a bonus of 500 on day 14, and most of the 
  days (except the wildcard ones) no money at all.
* I don't know if it's necessary, but I always chose unfriendly/rebellious dialogue 
  options, if possible.
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