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Death Stranding Cheats

Death Stranding

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Rest:
You can restore blood level as well as your stamina by resting. Hold Circle (PS4) / B 
(Xbox One) when you find a place to rest. You can also take a nap by holding Square on
the controller.

How to Fast Travel
Fast travel in Death Stranding works differently compared to other games. For one, it 
unlocks in the game’s third chapter after around 10 to 12 hours of play time. Secondly, 
you can’t fast travel to every point of interest. Instead, you’ll be able to teleport 
to private quarters usually found in Knot cities and distro centres or safe houses that 
you or other players have built. However the most important aspect of this feature is 
the inability to carry your gear with you. From hematic grenades to mission critical 
deliveries, they’ll all be left in the locker of your private quarters or safe house 
when you decide to fast travel from there. Something to keep in mind if you thought 
you could use it to zip across Death Stranding’s sprawling map effortlessly.

Soak And Sigh Trophy:
There are seven hot springs scattered throughout the game world, but you only need to 
find one of them to get this trophy. They get marked on the map when you have been 
nearby. Walk into a hot spring and press Circle to sit down and get the “Soak And Sigh” 
trophy. One hot spring bath can be found in the Central Region, southwest of the “Film 

How to Cross The Tar Belt:
At the end of the mission to restore the old wrecked waystation on the far southwestern 
edge of the Central Region in Episode 8: Heartman, you will need to cross the huge tar 
belt. To cross the tar belt, walk to the BT field on the tar beach, southwest of the 
UCA Chiral Relay. Get caught by a BT near the tar ocean, then allow them to pull you 
over. Do not hold L2 + R2 to fight them off. When you are pulled down onto your back, 
an invisible tendril will pull you into a massive encounter with a swarm of whale BTs. 
Buildings from the wreckage will bubble up out of the water. You can use these floating 
platforms to cross the tar belt. Just keep running, as you do not need to fight these 
enemies — just reach the far area across the tar.
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