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Deadly Dozen 2 - Pacific Theater Cheats

Deadly Dozen 2 - Pacific Theater

Cheat Codes:
thunder_cat_007@yahoo.com, thunder_cat_007@hotmail.com.com

Press L or ; or ' to display the console window. Type "/tell 
cheatcheat" [Without " "] to enable cheat mode. Then, enter 
one of the following codes at the console window to activate 
the corresponding cheat function. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Effect                            Code 
Unlimited ammunition              /tell ammo  
God mode                          /tell godmode  
Invisibility                      /tell invis  
Flight mode                       /tell fly  
Enemies do not die                /tell hitlermode  
Win mission                       /tell winmission  
Lose mission                      /tell losemission  
Thompson M1 in inventory          /tell give  
Get item                          /tell give <0-44>  
God mode, unlimited ammo, flight  /tell ac  
Enemy camera                      /tell ec  
Toggle HUD                        /tell noint  
View game statistics              /tell stats  
Enemy field of view               /tell fovs  
Rendering cover nodes             /tell cvdraw  
Rendering astar paths             /tell astar  
Rendering patrol paths            /tell pathdraw  
Rendering waypoint connections    /tell wpcondraw  
Rendering waypoint                /tell wpdraw  
Rendering arrival points          /tell arrival
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