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Dead Shot Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips & Tricks:
* If you donít destroy a creep with a Critical hit, donít waste your 
  railgun ammunition and finish the creep with the grenade launcher.

* VR -if you are not using joystick locomotion Ė press both touchpads 
  to move back (relatively to the direction of your gaze), as long as 
  you keep holding at least one touchpad you will keep moving back.

* Your shield recharges over time based on a percentage so the more 
  experience points you have in your shield, the more shield you 
  recharge per second.

* You can heal in the home base.

* The length of your respawn time is based on your level.

* When you destroy an enemy unit (Last hit) you will earn experience 
  and money.

* If you destroy some units, you will be rewarded with an ammunition, 
  if you destroy a core, you will earn a railgun ammunition, if you 
  destroy a bot, you will receive a grenade ammunition.

* You can redistribute your experience points at any time, for example
  you can move points from health and move them to your damage if you 
  think that you can avoid taking damage.

* VR - Chat is available in the menu (menu button), Non-VR press Enter, 
  type, Enter again to send your chat message.

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