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Dead Or Alive 6 Cheats

Dead Or Alive 6

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Earn Player Points (Money) Quickly:
Throughout your gameplay progression, you will be able to use Player Points 
(in-game currency) to unlock new costumes, titles, glasses, and more.

There are so many items in the game and if you are looking to unlock them all. 
then you will need a massive amount of Player Points which can be time taking 
and tedious.

-=Grind DOA Quest mode=-
The quest mode is one of the best modes if you are aiming to earn Player Points 
quickly. here you will be given three challenges and each time you will fight 
against Bot opponents.

Complete the challenge and you will get the currency and if you are able to 
complete all the three you will be rewarded thousands of Player Points.

Just note that as you progress through the challenges it will get more difficult.
so if you are new to the fighting genre you might need a bit of practice.

-=Complete Combo Challenges=-
Each character in the game has their own combo challenge. you can just complete 
them to earn some decent amount. some of them are a bit difficult to complete 
but still, with a bit of practice, you will be able to complete all challenge 
and also earn around thousand Player points.

Just note that the game does not notify you when you get the currency in this 
mode. to check if you earned something just go back to the main menu and look 
at the Points.

-=Online, Offline, and Other Modes=-
Just playing the game would also give you some amount of points but it is 
way too low when compared to earnings from combo challenges and Quest mode.

So only grind other game modes if you are bored with the above two listed methods. 
This way it should feel too repetitive.

Kasumi system voice:
Successfully complete Command Training with Kasumi to unlock the ability to 
change the game's system voice to Kasumi instead of the default voice.

Getting desired unlockables:
Successfully complete the first two star marked reward missions for any desired 
trial in Quest mode, but do not complete the third star marked mission. After 
completing the trial, the game will automatically autosave after you exit the 
battle results/victory pose screen. Then, replay that trial again and complete 
the three star mission. Once the battle win victory screen appears, do not exit 
the screen. Check to see which costume patterns were unlocked. If it is for a 
character you do not care about, immediately exit/reset the game. Start the 
game again and repeat this process until you get the desired quest rewards. 
Note: This is possible because the game does not autosave on the victory win 
screen and costumes are random.

Legend difficulty in Arcade mode:
Reach Player Level 35 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.

Character system voices:
Successfully complete Command Training with any character to unlock his or 
her voice as the game's system voice (announcer).

Legend difficulty in Time Attack mode:
Reach Player Level 40 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Time Attack mode.

Music tracks:
Reach the indicated player or character level to unlock the corresponding 
music track:

Blazed Up Melpomene: Reach Helena Level 15.
Eternity: Reach Kasumi Level 6.
Grand Style: Reach Leifang Level 6.
Hitohira: Reach Kasumi Level 12.
I Don't Believe It: Reach Zack Level 6.
Moonlit Lady: Reach Kokoro Level 7.
Natural High: Reach Jann Lee Level 9.
Physical System: Reach Player Level 52.
Result: Reach Player Level 54.
Showdown: Reach Player Level 48.
Tehu Tehu: Reach Ayane Level 12.
The Shooted: Reach Hayabusa Level 10.
Trip: Reach Jann Lee Level 7.
True Beauty: Reach Tina Level 9.
Ultimate: Reach Player Level 46.
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