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Darkwood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Starting Tips:
Written by NapiCat

This is a quick guide that will offer you some tips on stuff you could focus.

-=Tips and Tricks=-

* First 2 nights are always the most calming ones.

* Preffered rooms to lock yourself, the room with the workbench and the little 
  room next to it.Always have 2 rooms.

* Position the lamp the way that it can always light both rooms. 
  One in the middle of the big room or facing the 2nd room door. 
  2nd Lamp place it close to the 2nd room door, towards interior.

* Baricade only the Rooms you stay in.

* Put the bear traps inside the room, right in front of door.

* Bear traps are really usefull as they will not allow enemy to get too close, 
  but do not kill enemies. Just stuns them in place. 
  Chain trap will keep the enemy stuck in a area not a position.

* Prioritize to buy fuel each morning from the trader. 

* Buy a watch, really helpfull, you will not waste time and fuel not knowing 
  what time it is. Watch needs to be on you all time.

* When you hear a knock on the door, open the door. Good stuff there.

* Always will receive some stuff that you can keep or sell.

* You are safe only in house that have a Oven, make sure that you always 
  turn on the oven.

* If you can cook, the oven is working.

* There are 3/4 Shelters, if you change shelter, first thing you need to do 
  is go at the oven and light it up.

* Flares are better than lantern. (more protective against the fog, also does 
  not block your attack ability) Monsters always come at 00:00 exactly. 
  You need to be inside house with generator on by 24:30.

* After having a broken weapon, always keep it and sell it to trader.

* Forks are great weapons.
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