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Darkened Skye Cheats

Darkened Skye

Ogmire Archipelago: Get the message:
When you get to the rock with the flashing message, jump and press E to get 
the message.

Miscellaneous Items:
Build your magic spells with Skittles. They come in yellow, orange, red, green 
and purple.

-=Rumble Stones=-
Blow a pile of boulders or other objects up. Useful to get what might be behind 

-=Rune Mines=-
Hurt or destroy multiple opponents by dropping a Rune Mine in the middle of them. 
(They will hurt you too if you are too close.)

Like the sparkling flowers that appear, square bottles of rejuvenation liquids 
can be found and will go into your inventory. Red potions increase health while 
Blue potions increase mana. 

Throw a spongite into the water as temporary platforms that can be jumped upon. 
They last about 10 seconds and then disintegrate.

-=Flashing and Glowing Objects=-
Watch for flashing and/or glowing buttons, levers or other objects. They are 
essential to completing the game. Some simply point the way. Others need to 
be "used".

Screen Problems Fix:
If you have an orange screen or black stripes or streaks on your screen 
(especially if playing in Windows XP), it can be fixed in the Settings. 
In the beginning, change from 3D to OpenGL.

Magical Spells:
Magic Spells and what they do: (In alphabetical order)

Affliction      - Poisons enemy.
Awaken Stone    - Animation of stone statue or object.
Cleanse Evil    - Destroys demons and undead monsters.
Create Wizard   - Allows an ally to use magic.
Diminish        - Shrinks Skye to small size.
Fire Walk       - Allows Skye to walk on fire and other hot surfaces.
Impede          - Slow one enemy.
Lightning       - Shoots a lightning bolt at one target.
Madness         - Confuse target.
Magnify Magic   - Increases the power of your next spell.
Polar Pulse     - Ice stream attack. Also freezes water.
Prismatic Pulse - Shoots powerful energy pulses at your target.
Psychic Blast   - Weakens multiple enemies.
Pyro Pulse      - Pulsating Fire attack. Also burns an object.
Ring of Rime    - Damages multiple enemies with an icy blast.
Shadow Vision   - See in the dark.
Spell Shield    - Increases Skye's defense against magic attacks.
Strength Sap    - Weakens one enemy.
True Sight      - See things that are otherwise invisible.
Universal Smite - Deals modest damage to all enemies.
Veil            - Invisibility.
Wind Glide      - Allows Skye to float.
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