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DarkEnd Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat the Dragon:
Written by KingstaS

How to defeat the Dragon and material list. 
Guide for RPG Dummies, like myself.

-=Material you'll need=-
* x2 Fire Orb
* x2 Ice Orb
* x2 Thunder Orb

Equip them by that order in your characters, on each dragon breath 100% charge.
This way, you're imune to that attack.

-=Long Version=-
As the character "Raja" says: "...some equipments can completely block 
elemental attacks from the enemies."

You'll need these equipments in the first dragon fight! The equipments are:

* x2 Fire Orb
* x2 Ice Orb
* x2 Thunder Orb

-=Equip the orbs on both characters=-
* When the dragon completes charging it's first attack, you'll need to have Fire 
  Orbs equiped on your characters, or else you'll most likely be killed in 1 hit.
* Second charge you'll need to equip the Ice Orbs, to be immune to that attack.
* Third charge you'll need to equip the Thunder Orbs, to be immune to that attack.
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