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Dank Subs Cheats

Dank Subs

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Walkthrough Guide:
Written  by Brightg

For new players of Dank Subs, this is a complete walkthrough guide 
for beginners to have a better gaming experience.

WASD - Move
Left Click - Attack
Right Click - Other attack?
Middle Mouse - Donít know but use this to control camera
F - Interact - Use to pick up sword, shield, cape
E - Jump
Space - Roll
Tab - Lock on

-=Walkthrough - Find Bernie=-
The general idea is to kill things, get subs, unlock the gate and meet Bernie! 
Word of warning, you canít seem to turn the camera without holding a mouse 
button. I advise adjusting to using MMB (middle mouse/scroll wheel click) so 
you donít attack whilst you aim. This guide was based on a single session of 
multiplayer find Bernie.

1.Run down the hill and grab a sword and shield. You may need to do this a few 
  times as you adjust to the jank mechanics.
2.Kill the pigs for practice but donít bother with the ďbonfireĒ boxes, they 
  just respawn enemies and you wonít need the healing really
3.Head all the way around to the two spinning fez hats. Jump onto the first 
  one, use middle mouse button to reaim the camera towards the second Fez, 
  and just walk onto it as it gets nearby. Then lastly reaim and jump onto 
  the next green platform.
4.Snake your way to the circular arena with the two White Nationalist Giantís. 
  Lure them both down the path behind them and try to get one of them stuck. 
  Then, lure one back to the arena and lock onto it with tab. Do the old Dark 
  Souls bob and weave, getting in a quick left click hit on their back when itís 
  safe. Once dead, if you managed to get one of them stuck you can ignore it, 
  if not youíll need to kill both.
5.Now, providing you donít die after killing one of the giants youíll have 100 
  subs for each one. Walk to towards the weird trellis/gate like thing, interact 
  with the red switch to open it, go around the corner and run into Bernie.
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