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Cryptic Passage For Blood Cheats

Cryptic Passage For Blood

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press "T" and enter one of the following codes.

Effect                     Code	
God mode	             - mpkfa
Temporary God mode       - voorhees
Disable God mode         - no cap in my ass or capinmyass
All weapons, ammo        - lara croft or hongkong
All weapons and items    - idaho	
All items                - montana
Allow two of same weapon - bunz
All items                - satchel
100 % health             - clarice
200% health              - spork
200% health, on fire     - krueger
200% health, diving suit - cousteau
200% armor               - griswold
Level skip               - calgon, mario, or luigi
Temporary blindness      - sterno
Invisibility             - onering
Display framerate        - rate
Suicide                  - edmark or kevorkian
Suicide by fire          - mcgee
Drunk mode               - jojo
Higher jumps             - funky shoes
All keys                 - keymaster
Toggle clipping mode     - eva galli
Full map                 - goonies

A Nightmare On Elm Street reference:
Go to level 9, "Castle". Enter the castle across the bridge. 
Then, go to the left and enable the keymaster code. Walk up 
the stairs and move past the library. Go to the room with the
eye key and search the corner behind a dressing screen to find
Freddy Krueger's hat and shirt.
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