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Crimson Skies Cheats

Crimson Skies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Play Any Mission:
In the campaign menu, right click on the microphone on the left side of
the screen and type "idaho." A menu will appear in the top right of the
screen that lets you access any of the mission.

Type "I AM THE ACE!!" at the Weapons Loadout Menu before each mission.

All Scrapbook Pictures: 
In the campaign main menu go to previous missions click the Rogue Pilots 
& Co. symbol on the bottom left then type ispy.

Hex Cheat:
Hexedit the status.dat file in the savegame folder. Find the name of the 
plane, then using the first character of the plane name as a reference, 
add 30 to the offset (e.g. 1130 ---> 1160). The following string is the 
number of hardpoints on the chosen airplane. Each value takes up four 

03 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 means 3 hardpoints on the left wing, 1 on the right.
Edit as you wish. 

Then add 70 to the initial offset (1130 ---> 11A0). 
That's the armor level of the plane. E.g. 

0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 

That means 10 armor on each slot. Change it all to FF to be invulnerable to
just about anything but crashes.

All gallery pictures:
Select the "Previous Missions" option at the campaign mode main menu. Click
the "Rogue Pilots & Co." symbol on the bottom left of the screen, then type

Submitted by: rickHH

* Don't waste your time with those fancy-pants rockets like the Choker or 
Flash--load up on Flak Rockets and you can rip an incoming enemy squadron 
to tatters before they even draw within firing range. 

* Make sure you alter your Wingman's weapons loadout before each mission.
While you can't issue orders to them during combat, you can at least make
sure they have the firepower needed to defend themselves and launch effective
attacks against large enemy targets when the time comes. 

Remember: heavier caliber weapons do more damage, but fire more slowly and
therefore require better marksmanship. Combine light-caliber machine guns 
with heavy cannon for the perfect blend of gunnery accuracy. 

* Use the rudder controls and lessen your airspeed to tighten your turning
radius and close in on bogeys who are pulling tight turns in dogfights.

Hidden Menu:
In the main menu of the campaign, right click on the microphone on the left
side of the screen. type "idaho." A pull down menu will appear in the top 
right of the screen. You can use this menu to access any of the missions 
within the game. 

See All Pictures:
To see all of the pictures available in the gallery, go to Previous Missions
at the Campaign Mode screen. Click on the Rogue symbol in the bottom corner 
of the screen and type: ispy. 

To become invincible for one mission, type the following code at the weapon 
equip screen: I AM THE ACE!! This code is case sensitive and only lasts for 
the mission you're about to tackle.

Turn away:
Sometimes enemy planes fly away from you, and you can't catch up. That kinda
sucks, but I found a solution: Turn away. If everything is alright your opponent
will turn towards you. So flying away for like 5 seconds will do and if you turn
back the enemy will fly towards you. And thus makes it easier to complete the 
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