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Crashday Cheats


Cheat Codes Method:
Submitted by: conner54

Go to C:\Program Files\Atari\Crashday and make a backup copy of the file "games.dbs". 
Now open the original "games.dbs" file using notepad and edit the values you want. 

For example: 
Minigun.Ammo 999900
Minigun.ShotsPerSec 990
Minigun.TargetDamageFactor 20 #9

Bonus cars:
Win the indicated group to unlock the car. 
Apachee 200X   - Finals Group A
Bornbad GT90   - Professionals Group B
Buster GSt     - Amateurs Group B
Firespitter RS - Professionals Group A
Incubator V12  - The Final Fight
Ironhorze V8   - Professionals Group B
Pick'Em'Up V8  - Professionals Group A
The Wrecker    - Finals Group A 

Bonus weapons:
Win the indicated group to unlock the weapon. 

Minigun         - Amateurs Group B
Double Missiles - Professionals Group B
Single Missiles - Professionals Group A 

Complete the indicated division to unlock the mini-game. 

Checkpoint Chase II - Final Division
Long Jump II        - Amateurs Division
Vehicle Blast II    - Professional Division

Win races:
In a normal race (not a bomb run or a knockout race), wait for all the other cars to 
finish, then destroy them by shooting them or hitting their sides and then finish the
race and you will win.

Want more for crashday you have never ever thought:
Submitted by: Johannes

How to finish career game mode.........?
Just follow the instructions to make the game easy to play.
For eg only one opponent, only one checkpoint for bomb run, that would be interesting.

1.To open tracks in single event even without finishing career mode.
All you have to do is-go to the crashday folder-open folder career. Then open the 
files one by one. You'll see a sentence "# set to 1 to always unlock track for 
singleplayer game" to the left of it youll see one or zero in different files you open
change the given zero to ones for each file.

2.To gain infinite money:
Open ameteures 1 then u see 1st=(any value), change it to 1st=650000000. Then do it 
for all the places ie 1st,2nd,3rd,4th.......
Then change the number in the left of"# respect points for winning" to 9000. These 
things will help u to open all the cars and have enough cash to buy it. Enjoy it.

3.To make the game easier when proceeding in career....
In the same folder u see other stages such as professionals 1,2,3,4... 
and finals1,2,3,4,5..... 
open it and u see opps=5,6,7,8...
change it all to 1
u will have only one opponent.

4.In the career folder itself u see in certain files gamemodvalue change it to 2.
This helps u finish the game within 2 checkpoints.
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