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Cramgene Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

Tip 1: 
Always start by dragging 3 stock creatures sharing 1 obvious common trait, such
as color or eye count. Once you're quick enough, try to ensure that 2 of those 
stock creatures also share a second common trait in order to identify 2 
gene columns. 

Tip 2: 
Always try to find and identify as many traits as possible using the same Source
DNA. Dragging new stock creatures takes time, so avoid it when you can. 

Tip 3: 
Use the trait reminders in Normal and Hard mode, except on the last gene. There's
nothing worse than forgetting the gene order when building the Target DNA. Incoming
attacks will easily confuse you. 

Tip 4:
Spend time looking for bonus genes to attack the computer player. Don't forget to 
identify traits with them at the same time. Attacks will delay the other player, 
especially the Skull, Hammer, and Bombs, and give you more time to identify genes. 

Tip 5:
When looking to identify a specific trait, pick stock creatures having the same 
trait as your pet's desired meal. For example, if you've decided to identify the 
mouth gene and your pet asks for buck teeth, drag stock creatures with buck teeth. 

Tip 6:
As soon as a gene is identified, add it to your Target DNA, provided you used a 
meal gene, as explained in Tip 5. 

Tip 7:
To truly master Cramgene, you must learn to keep bonus genes in a ready state while
identifying traits. When you find a useful bonus, try to keep those 3 genes in the 
Source DNA windows until you can use it. Memorize the trait to which the bonus is 
assigned in case the other player hammers your board. That way you can quickly 
bring it back. 

Tip 8:
Remember that bonuses you acquire are bonuses that your opponent can't get.
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