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Cradle of Rome Cheats

Cradle of Rome

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Semi S

Unlimited Gold, Supplies, and Food Cheats:
Use a text editor to edit the .xml file in the "save" folder in the game directory.
Locate the"Resdepot" entry. It will appear similar to:

ResDepot type="1" amount="94472"

 Type 1 is gold.
 Type 2 is supplies.
 type 3 is food.

Change the amount to "100000". It will make you play the next level and it should
show 100000 in all 3 categories. When the level is finished you can use your 
resources. You can repeat these steps as much as you like just exit the game and

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Cheat mode:
* Here are some cheats to help you if you get REALLY stuck. In the Cradle of Rome
  directory you'll find a file named "Profiles.xml" that you can edit. Make a copy
  of it before making any changes so you have a backup. 

* Now, open "Profiles.xml" with Notepad. Find the line near the top where it says
  where "NAME" equals your user name ("[" and "]" begin and end each line of code).

* On the second line below this make the following changes. Please note that I'm 
  using -- and -- to set off the text to be changed.

* The text -- Last life="X" -- ("X" equals the current number of extra lives) can
  be changed to increase or decrease your available lives. 
  Want 10 extra lives? Change it to read -- Last life="10" -- to make the increase.

* The text -- level="XX" -- ("XX" equals the level you previously completed) can 
  be changed to get past a particularly difficult level. So, if level 61 is giving
  you fits, change the text to read -- level="61" -- and when you restart the game,
  you'll be on level 62.

Unlimited bonus weapons:
Use a text editor to edit the [your name].xml file in the "save" folder in the game
directory. Locate the"ResBonus" entry. It will appear similar to: 

ResBonus type="10" amount="200" min_amount="0" max_amount="200"

These are your bonus weapons. 

 Type 10 is the hammer. 
 Type 11 is the lightning bolt 
 Type 12 is the bomb 
 Type 13 is the hourglass 
 Type 14 is the cross 
 Type 15 is the star 
 Type 16 is the shield 
 Type 17 is the mixer 

Change the amount to "200" (not the "min amount") and you will always have them
ready to use. If you need them again for the same level, exit the game and repeat
the steps.

Tips and Tricks:
The quicker you finish a level, the larger time bonus you receive. Time bonuses 
add to the resource that you need the most to make your next purchase. Try to 
fill your extra time power-up, so you can use it right before you finish the 
level to maximize the time bonus!

- Get the Farmer after you build the Sawmill: Match 5 of a kind vertical or horizontal.
- Get the Miner after you build the Quarry: Make 2000 units of Supplies in one level.
- Get the Smith after you build the Forge: Earn 10,000 points in less then 10 levels.
- Get the Peasant after building the Field: Earn 3000 units of Food in one level.
- Get the Priest after building the Pantheon: Finish a level in less then 3 minutes.

Bonus villagers:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding villager:

Farmer     - Make a five-piece match after building a Farm. 
Fisherman  - Produce three consecutive five-part combos after building the Port.
Gladiator  - Perform a chain reaction of fifteen blows after building a Coliseum.
Miner      - Get 2,000 units of supplies in one level after building a Quarry. 
Orator     - Get 3,000 gold in a single level after building the Forum. 
Peasant    - Get 3,000 units of food in one level after building a Field.
Priest     - Finish a level in three minutes after building the Pantheon.
Scholar    - Perform three combos in succession after building the Tabularium.
Smith      - Get 10,000 points in ten levels after building a Forge.
Wine Maker - Perform two combos in succession after building a Tavern.

Submitted by: Marilyn Maynard

Bonus Villager for the Mill, the Miller. Produce 15 effective moves successfully 
after building a mill.

Change the timer:
Submitted by: David Schneider

Here are some cheats to help you if you find u just can't beat the clock. 
Use a text editor to edit the .xml file in the "save" folder in the game directory. 
Make a copy of it before making any changes so you have a backup.

On the 1st line of code u will see a set of codes like:

[Game timer="476895"/][State pos="68.000000"/]

When you're timer runs out simply exit the game, go into the "save" file, edit the .xml 
file, using notepad(or similiar), change the ="68.000000"/ to read ="500.000000"/; your 
time is now reset, enjoy.

Note: The other number is your total time playing that level, it too can be changed.
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