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Crackdown Cheats


Completion bonus:
Eliminate the Los Muertos, Volk, and Shai-Gen to complete the
game. An option will appear at the starting menu that gives 
you the ability to toggle the respawning enemies in their 

Rubber ducks:
In Shei-gen, there is a hotel on the west side of the Island 
called The Daisy Chain. If you enter Shei-gen from the Los 
Muertos side, it is between the two highways. At the top of 
this hotel is a pool. In the pool is a rubber duck toy. You 
can throw the toy at people and it will make a squeaky sound
like a real rubber duck toy. 

Viewing ranks:
In the Volk go to "The LCOVE" across from "THE Y". Look for a 
billboard with a Dodge Nitro on it. Watch it to see the #1 
ranks on each map.

Immobilize Agency garage door:
Note: This trick required the Colby HRX Harpoon Gun. Go to the 
Agency garage and make sure you have two bodies laying around. 
Use your harpoon gun and get two bodies harpooned to the Agency
garage door. Choose a car and when the Agency garage door goes 
down, it will stay stuck like that until the two harpooned bodies

Fly with buggy:
This glitch requires the Keys To The City expansion, and can easily
be done in Co-op mode. Go onto the pier that extends out into the 
ocean and spawn two ramp trucks back to back, with enough room to 
spawn a buggy in-between. Have a friend get into a ramp truck. Park
the buggy on the ramp truck that your friend is not in. Then, have 
your friend back up into the other ramp truck (the one you are on).
You should all go flying up into the air, with the possible exception
of the ramp truck that the buggy was on. 
Note: While on the ramp truck, its recommended that you hold the 
hand brake (A) to keep from sliding off. 

KEN CANNON:     17088  KEN MACHINE GUN:    1708A
KEN LIVES:      17090  KEN SUPER BOMBS:    17092
TIME:           17048
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