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County Fair Cheats

County Fair

Higher attendance:
Submitted by: RM

Place your most expensive shows and rides near the entrance to get
a higher attendance which will equal more profit. Also, try to build
your attractions as close to each other as possible to make sure you
will have enough space for all of the different rides and stands!

* The same strategies work for every level, as every fair is basically
  the same, except for more available attractions and higher (but 
  similar) goals. These hints should help you to finish all the twelve
  fairs without any problem. The following tips become helpful from 
  the fifth fair (Gator in Florida) on, for the first four fairs no 
  specific strategy is required.

* You can adjust the salary of all your workers to 1 $ right in the 
  beginning of each fair. Be sure to hire two of them, because one may
  leave. When they demand a pay rise, deny it. Some will leave you 
  will get fined by the union for each leaving worker, but only once. 
  Now you can hire as many workers as you want to for only one $ per 
  day and none of them will demand a pay rise anymore.

* You should place the most expensive shows and rides near the entrance,
  as the attendance will be higher then, as well as your profit.
  Book indoor- and outdoor shows as soon as you can afford to and 
  maximize their advertising.

* Begin to advertise with radio and tv from the second day on to rise
  the number of visitors as soon as possible. This is the only way to
  earn the required amount of money in the later fairs early enough 
  to succeed.

* Instead of building as many attractions as possible you should begin
  to focus on the medium rides early on and upgrade them very soon.
  This will increase your income much more than a bunch of attractions
  which are not upgraded. Furthermore you can neglect game stands in 
  the beginning, as they are less profitable than rides, food stands 
  and shows.

* Besides advertising there is another easy way to increase popularity
  sharply. Just lower the entrance fee for all groups of ages to 1 $, 
  but not before you have met the money goal.

As soon as the round starts get 2 mechanics, 75 energy, the biggest
ride you can (the first few rides/food/games are the true moneymakers
so don't get a cheap one), the Health care worker, food stand (funnel
cake is best for most of the game), and a game with a prize at least.
50 or more than ticket price (Water Gun is the most profitable game I
used). Then just let money build up and get the next highest ride even
if you have to wait a couple of minutes to get the money and so on. 
Don't upgrade or get park advertising until you have over $2,000 
consistently rolling in as you build. Keep staff at 100% so you don't
pay fines or get excess trash and broken rides and watch energy level.
Don't forget to throw in food and game booths to keep ppl happy. If 
you have attractions not bringing any money in (usually the ones built
later in the round) advertise it for a while. Don't worry about the 
attraction requirements until you have all the good stuff built (except
to get the 20 min. trophy). When it comes to park rating just max out
the radio,tv, and newspaper ads and lower the ticket prices to $1.00 
for every age at the main gate as you near your money goals. With this
method I was making well over each requirement the day before it closed.
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