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Cossacks - European Wars Cheats

Cossacks - European Wars

Cheat Codes:
Richard, Submitted the following Information:

During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following Codes:

Code          Result
supervizor  - Toggle Fog of War On/Off 
money       - Give Resources 
izmena      - Switch Player With Numpad Keys 1-9 
multitvar   - Press P to Access All Units 
www         - Enables supervizor, multitvar, izmena Cheats 
VICTORY     - This wins the game 
resources   - All resources
shield      - Unlimited cannon
Gods        - Help from the gods
AI          - Control enemies

Remember that the cheats are all cAsE SeNsItIve

Once the multivar or www code is used and you place the units that you want on
the map, you need to press [F9] to return to normal click mode to play game. 
When you press P it will bring up a list of all units available in that mission.
Select the unit, then left click on the screen to place the unit. When you are 
done placing your units, press [F9] to return to being able to left-click to 
select the units as normal. 

Submitted by: Rob v.d. Broek

First hit enter, then type "moneyand" hit enter again. Now you have lots of all

Unit list screen:
When you press P to display the list of units, the words on the buttons are 
in Russian. The lower-left button translates to "Bring" and the lower-right 
button translates to "Cancel".

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding new building type
when playing as England or Poland. 

17th Century Barracks: Build a Blacksmith.
18th Century Barracks: Progress to the 18th Century.
Academy              : Build a 17th Century Barracks.
Artillery Depot      : Build a Stable.
Blacksmith           : Build a Town Hall.
Church               : Build a Town Hall.
Diplomatic Center    : Build a Academy.
Dwelling             : Build a Town Hall.
Paling               : Build a Storehouse.
Shipyard             : Build a Windmill.
Stable               : Build a Blacksmith.
Storehouse           : Build a Town hall.
Tower                : Build a Storehouse.
Wall                 : Build a Storehouse.

Unit list screen:
When you press P to display the list of units, the words on the buttons are in 
Russian. The lower-left button translates to "Bring" and the lower-right button 
translates to "Cancel".

Make and clone new troops and buildings:
Press P during game play to display a list of countries and items from that 
country. Choose your country (for example, if you are playing as France select 
the country France) from the right side of the list. This will bring up a new 
list on the right side, with people and buildings from your country. Choose 
what you want to build (for example, King's Musketeers) from the right side and 
click on the button on the bottom-left corner. The button looks like a word in a 
different language. This will take you off the list screen and back to the game. 
When you left-click the mouse you will be able to build multiple duplicates of 
what you selected. To build the duplicates you mist have the correct resources. 
To get it to where you can select troops instead of make them, just P again, 
select your country, and press that same button you pressed in the bottom-left 

Speed up the game:
Press enter and type speed. This will speed up the game twice.

Sinking enemy ships:
The situation will present you with much lighter naval force than your enemy 
where frontal attack can only yield in failure for your cause. However, by bug 
or just bad intelligence, there is a way to sink much tougher ships with your 
light ones. Use one as a lure, and set up a trap by your other ships. Enemy will
start to track the ship they spotted first and will follow it all the way, so you
can just go along and sink them with your other ships while they won't react to 
that and will continue to follow your first ship. Use small yacht as a bait as it
is faster than those heavier ships and will give you more time to sink the pursuing
enemy ships.

Market Tricks
Markets are definitely one of the more interesting facets of Cossacks. 
There is more to using them than meets the eye...

Don't click trade more than once. New players may not realize this but clicking 'trade'
5 times with 1000 resources is one of the worst things that can be done at the market. 
It is much better to specify 5000 resources and click 'trade' once. This is because 
the buying price for the target resource is increased with each trade. 
The only exception to this rule is 'reverse trading' (keep reading).

All players share in the fluctuating market values. New players may not realize that 
market prices are the same for all players. If one player makes a trade, the prices 
are changed for everyone. Nearly every good start involves selling resources, so to 
get the best prices, you want to be the first player to build a market and start 

Reverse trading. An important feature of the market that is often overlooked is the 
fact that prices can be inflated by 'reverse' trading. Say for example you want to 
buy some gold, and you have 100000 stone (thanks to the 400% stone upgrade). Simply 
trade away gold in 1000 increments and you'll notice the buying price for gold drop 
dramatically. An example would be: 83 gold currently sells for 1000 stone(1:12). 
That's really high. Reverse trade 8000 gold in 1000 increments to bring the price 
down to 205 gold per 1000 stone (1:5). Now, trading away your stone will yield over
100% greater profit.
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