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Cosmic Trip Cheats

Cosmic Trip

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* When shooting frisbees, don’t line up your shot for a long time, 
  because they home just a little towards your target.
* As you start needing less recources in survival or endless, sacrifice 
  some of your workers by throwing them into melee enemies. It doesen’t 
  sound like they would matter, but at a certain point, you really could 
  stop making money and spend your fortune on more defences as the worker 
  bots aren’t doing much good.
* This goes along with the last tip, when you sacrifice the worker bots, 
  have a grenade handy so once they’re all in a crowd… BOOM!
* You will probably run out of goo at some point, and getting it by killing 
  aiens is not the best way to get goo. So just use the goo plants, they’re 
  the weird pod things, and when you hit them with your frisbee, the break 
  and leave a goo.
* Stockpile batteries so that you don’t have to make a new one when your 
  turret’s battery dies. Or alternativly, you could just have multiple 
  turrets with batteries in them and swap from turret to turret when the 
  batteries die.
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