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Corridors of Power Cheats

Corridors of Power

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Console Commands:
Corridors of Power provides a console mode to allow parameters to be
changed whilst the game is running. These commands are mainly for 
development purposes but cheat codes might be useful if you get stuck.
The MAP command is also useful if you want to play a custom level. To 
access the console press [TAB]. Type the command followed by the 
parameter (if applicable) and press [ENTER]. Press [TAB] to return to
the game. Whilst in console mode the game is set to a paused state.

The list of console commands for Corridors of Power is as follows: 

Cheat            Effect
AMMO           - set player's ammo to maximum level
BIND xx yy     - bind key xx to action yy 
CROSSHAIRS 0/1 - turn crosshairs off/on
DEBUG ON       - position debug info
DEBUG PLUS     - frame rate info
DEBUG OFF      - remove debug display
EXIT           - quit program
FILL 0/1       - turn polygon fill off/on
GAMMA x        - set gamma to x (0=darkest, 20=brightest)
GOD 0/1        - turn god mode off/on
HEALTH         - set player's health to maximum level
LIGHT 0/1      - turn GL lighting off/on
LMDEBUG 0/1    - turn lighting map debug mode off/on
MAP x          - load level x (where x is the filename minus the .dat extension)
MOUSE 0/1      - turn mouse control off/on
SKILL x        - set skill level to x (0=easy, 1=default, 2=hard)
TARGET 0/1     - turn enemy's sight off/on
UNBIND xx      - remove binding between key xx and its action
VFDEBUG 0/1    - turn volumetric fog debug mode off/on

GOD 1          - enable god mode
TARGET 0       - stop enemies from seeing you
SKILL 2        - select hard skill
MAP CRUSH      - load custom level file called crush.dat.
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