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Cooking Dash Cheats

Cooking Dash

Submitted by: RM

Buy all the upgrades that benfit Flo, grandma and the cooking
speed before you buy the decorations.

Color -Coding:
Submitted by: TT

Try and color code as much as possible with the people for extra points. 
Try to get drinks and ice cream done ahead of time to speed up the process.

Money Cheat and Expert Level Finish:
Submitted by: Lotus

This cheat requires Cheat Engine 
Download it from

Now Basically Your current score is directly related to your bank balance, hence 
all you need to do is get a big score and vola, you are a millionaire (in the game 

Ok follow these simple steps and have fun ::

- While in the game Open Cheat Engine after installation (Press Alt+Tab to switch)
- I am assuming your current score in the game is 1050, search for this value in cheat 
  engine by clicking First Scan.
- Now go back to the game and play a little now say your score is 2020, press Alt+Tab 
  to come back to Cheat Engine
- Search for 2020 and now CLICK ON NEXT SCAN
- It will give you some address, Double click it
- Now that address is in your Memory View, Double click on the score i.e 2020 ad change 
it to say 50000 .....Go back to the game

You have now not only changed your current score to 50000 but also you have got yourself 
pretty GOOD CASH......
NJOY People
Any probs feel free to mail me 
Submit your codes!
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