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Constant C Cheats

Constant C

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Play in 4K:
Written by gordonfreeman01

The game’s internal options go up to 1080p, 
but the engine can go much higher!

This great indie game’s options screen only allow setting the 
resolution up to 1080p, but the engine can go much higher! 

Here’s how.

-=Configuration Changes=-
* Go to the following folder:
* %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Documents\ConstantC_Saves\
* Open gameSetting.txt with notepad or a similar text editor.
* Under the “Environment” heading, change Screen_Width and Screen_Height 
  as follows:
* Save the file, launch the game, enjoy!

The game now looks much sharper (especially in the cutscenes where 
there are human characters with more rounded edges).

When setting the resolution like this, the zoom function no longer 
fully works. If you hit the Zoom button (either of the increase/
decrease zoom buttons), the zoom gets stuck on fully zoomed out and 
only resetting the level can restore the original zoom. Panning 
(looking around) still works normally though as do all the menus.
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