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Congo - Descent Into Zinj Cheats

Congo - Descent Into Zinj

Getting Past the Deadly Gas Hole In the Jungle:
Go to the gas hole in the jungle and put your raft in the  
hole to plug it up. You will need a raft later in the game,
but don't worry theres another one waiting for you. 

Getting Past the Gorilla:
To get past the siver back gorilla in the jungle go to the 
doors with the six holes look right or left, have your sound 
recorder out and went you here the evil gorilla snarle record  
it. Go back to the gorilla in the jungle, pull out your lap 
top and play the sound. Pull down your lap top and the gorilla
is gone! 

Getting Past the Gorilla in The Cage:
To get past the gorilla behind the bars, slide down the right
tunnle, take a right at every turn in the tunnle, when you gwt 
to the bottom hang amys back pack up on the handle you turn to 
open the cell. Walk through the door to the next room make Amy 
talk ONCE then turn around, when you see the gorilla walk by
run in. 

Putting the Sunstones In the Doors:
Before you start be sure you have the magazines in the guns. 
If you don't know which guns to put the magazines in than read 
the paragraph. If you already have the ammo in the guns then 
skip down to the next paragraph.

First go to camp and face the front of the city. Walk once 
toward the city. You should be by a tree and a stream. Turn  
left and get the remote. Enter the front of the city. Take a 
left then go foward. Take a right into the povillion. Be sure
you are fast at this before you start. You might want to save.

Take one of the magazines and put it in the gun and pull out 
the remote and click on the gun before it shoots at you. Now 
go back to the enterance of the citty and go foward once, take
a right, go foward take a left and do the same thing the this 
gun. Go to the door with the holes in it and you should hear 
some gun fire at one of the gorillas.
Put one ball in the middle left, then the middle right, then 
the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right then 
the bottom left and VWALA! The door is open!

Kill Travis:
At the end of the game, before you enter the clearing, save the 
game. Then, proceed to trick Travis as normal and charge the 
laser. This time however, do not fire it. Instead, wait until 
you see Travis' helicopter, and wait for it to hover for a 
second, when it is about to fly away. While it is hovering, aim 
the cross-hairs at the helicopter and fire the laser. 
The helicopter will explode, and you will say, " Goodbye, Travis." 
However, you will still die.
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