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Commander - The Great War Cheats

Commander - The Great War

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At the heart of the conflict, when men fought for every inch of land,
only visionary leaders could make the choices that would lead their
troops to victory. The remarkable sequence of events that inexorably led
to the 'Great War' is written in our history books and pictured in our
movies. Now a turn-based strategy game captures this time of war with
unprecedented realism and accuracy.

A revamped game engine runs faster and allows players to enjoy the hex
based campaign map in full wide screen. Slitherine's play by e-mail
system will also bring a whole new level of excitement in Multiplayer

* A huge hex based campaign map that stretches from the USA in the
  west, Africa and Arabia to the south, Scandinavia to the north and
  the Urals to the east.
* A Grand Campaign covering the whole war from the invasion of
  Belgium on August 5, 1914 to the Armistice on the 11th of November
  1918. Various smaller scenarios are also available, focusing on a
  single campaign or front, such as the Verdun 1916, Kaiserschlacht
  1918 and Eastern Front Campaigns.
* 16 different unit types including Infantry, Cavalry, Armoured Cars
  and Tanks, Artillery, Railroad Guns and Armoured Trains, Cruisers,
  Submarines and Battleships, Fighters, Bombers and Zeppelins. Each
  has its own strengths and weaknesses, based on their historical
  performance in the various theatres throughout the war.
* Attach historical Commanders to your units. Each have their own
  specific strengths, so decide wisely which Commander is most
  suited at which front. Three types of Commanders are available:
  Generals for ground units, Admirals at sea and flying Aces to
  strengthen your air units.
* Invest in research and technology to improve your units. Aircraft
  evolve from fragile tools of aerial observation to deadly ground
  and air attack planes. Artillery barrages become ever more
  accurate and powerful. Focus on Armour technology and unleash a
  dreadful new weapon on the battlefield: the Tank.
* Detailed and realistic combat that models supply, morale, terrain,
  leadership, equipment, training and fog of war.
* Multiplayer via hotseat or Slitherine's revolutionary PBEM server.
* Easy to learn, hard to master game play.
* An all new engine, supporting any display resolution from 1024x600
  upwards and includes full wide screen support.
* Extreme moddability using the LUA scripting language, allowing
  players to alter many aspects of gameplay including combat,
  research, unit stats, terrain effects and many more.
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