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Commander Keen 3 - Keen Must DIE! Cheats

Commander Keen 3 - Keen Must DIE!

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes:

Effect 	                 Code
[Shift] + [Tab]            - Level skip at the map screen
[Ctrl] + [Tab] + Space     - Pogo stick, all key cards, ray gun charages
C + T + [Space]            - Pogo stick, all key cards, ray gun charages
T + A + B                  - 99 ammunition and extra life
[Num Lock] then hold [Tab] - Free movement
G + O + D                  - God mode

Secret Island:
To access the Secret Island, wait at the shore immediately south of the 
Grand Intellect's Castle. Messie, the monster that occasionally swims on
the map will eventually swim up. Walk onto Messie and ride it to the Secret
Island. This level has both hordes of Stuffed Toy VortiNinjas and the first
of two complete translations to the Standard Galactic Alphabet of the 
Commander Keen series.
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