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Comanche 4 Cheats

Comanche 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa
Press R during game play, then enter one of the following codes.
Note: The cheats only work offline or online in co-ops.

Result                                                  Code 
Enemy players to start killing each other              - 6969 
Load the Commanche to the load out specs               - loadme 
Fix damage; does not work after you have been killed   - fixme 
GPS Hellfire; fire and forget                          - harmony  
Enemy cannot see you for thirty seconds                - imarat
Freezes time for everyone except you and co-op friends - imacow
5000 rounds, 99 Stingers, 99 Hellfires, 99 rockets,    
99 artillery fire                                      - pigsoink
Kill teammate                                          - x666

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following pilot names.

Result         Name 
Master code   - big star  
Level select  - wolf blitz or that's easy  
God mode      - supra heli  
No enemies    - no losers  
Small enemies - it's to small  

Open the file c4.cfg and process the following lines:

One can process these lines, if one wants to obtain 
more dissolution.

hw3d_res640x480   = 1 
hw3d_res800x600   = 1 
hw3d_res1024x768  = 1
hw3d_res1280X1024 = 0 
hw3d_res1600X1200 = 0

This as admits here is for diagram:

terrain_detail = 2 
object_detail  = 2 
texture_res    = 1 
water_quality  = 3
shadow_quality = 2

(1 low 2 normally 3 high)

Your goal in the level is to destroy the Target Drones before they can destroy
the city of Minsk. You do not have to follow the Weapons System Officer's 
instructions to use the main gun. Use Stinger missiles to take down the URDs.

Submitted by: Salahuddin

Hit the ~ key to get to the command window. Now enter the following codes 
to handle your business:

Code           Result
8cdd5735     = You're invisible to your enemies
6b28e699     = The undisputed GOD MODE!!
doubledouble = Infinite Ammo
3bbad868     = Infinite Ammo
1ec4f47d     = Full Ammo
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