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Coming Out on Top Cheats

Coming Out on Top

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
Written by Bloodgods

Save often, especially at important dialogue decisions. This way, you can play 
through different relationship paths by loading/saving and you don't have to 
start all the way over. 

If you're trying to save $800 to go on the South America trip with Ian, a 
quick way to get money is to go on a Brofinder date with Theo. He'll ask you
to pretend to be his boyfriend at a high school reunion for $300, and you can
convince him to give you $400. Or, you can go down Jed's relationship path, 
there is a point where Jed gives you $1,000 to give to another member of his
band, and you have the option to steal the money, but this takes more time. 
If you're already going down Ian's storyline, you just have to save through 
tutoring. Otherwise, you only need high friendship and $800 to take the trip. 

I'm only mentioning this because I didn't notice at first, but there is a 
"Bonus Dates" option on the main menu that lets you go straight to Brofinder
dates. Easy way to get through all of them without wasting weekends when 
pursuing the main storylines. 

This may go without saying, but only pursue one guy at a time if you want 
bonus endings. You'll just have to replay the game a billion times to get 
through everything.

-=Meeting Amos=-
You can meet Amos at the gay bar with Ian. Follow Ian's storyline until he 
tries to be your wingman. When you get the chance, tell Ian you don't want 
his help anymore. A few random guys will talk to you until Amos enters, 
which can start his storyline. 

Personally I find Frank to be the most annoying Brofinder date. 
Basically, this is the route you take before you get anywhere:

* Tell him youíre a little too busy with school to do much traveling
* Tell him youíre majoring in English
* Tell him "why donít we just cut over to the beach and hang out thereĒ
* Tell him you recently came out and donít have that much experience
* Tell him you have a pet fish
* Tell him youíre a college student try to give a little something when you can 

-=Jesse and Hugh=-
Jessie and Hugh are twin paramedics that are a highly missable "bonus date", 
and is the only bonus date that is not initiated on Brofinder.

When prompted to go on a Brofinder date, choose the option "play with yourself".
 Long story short, you get stoned and wake up to find that you shoved your 
goldfish up your?????. It'll make sense later. 

When you realize where your goldfish is, call 911. 
From there you can meet Jesse and Hugh.

If you're having problems with Luke, this is what you do:

* Say you think "thatís a great attitudeĒ when he wants to open himself up
  to new things.
* Offer him a massage, but donít get too gropey before that.
* Attempt to kiss him during the sad scene.
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