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Codename - Outbreak Cheats

Codename - Outbreak

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Code          Effect
xenux      -  Health boost

Submitted by: Ace

The accuracy of snipper shot is highly depends on "accuracy" parameter
of the selected soilder.
Guard turret won't notice you after the camera is destroyed. Camera 
hangs above turret (indoor level).
Recoil and accuracy change when you sit and prone.
Suite power can be restored with help of rechargers. Rechargers can be
found on the second floor of the base on open-space level and in the 
8-like corridor on the indoor level.
Missiles can be guided - just mark the target with "Use" key 
(default - "Enter").
Shooting short threads with submachine gun gives better accuracy.
You can see what your team member see in multiplayer game. Enable HUD
camera with "HUD mode" key (default - "/"). Cycle througth your team 
members with "Map size/Cycle camera" keys (default - "][","]").
Green syringe add 10% to health.
Always search the dead bodies with "Use" key (Default - "Enter"). 
Armament and syringes can be found there.
You can come to sniper on the tower very close, if you use bushes and
trees as a cover. Just keep a tree on the sight line as you move.

Monsters can hear the machine gun in much longer distance than sniper

Add Health:
Bring up the console by pressing "~". Then type "xenux". This will add
a syringe to ech corpse for a health boost of 10%. Each corpse can have
up to 2-3 syringes, but you can repeat he cheat as you remove them.

Just open the file PICSTEAM\TEAM.INI in your GameDir with a Text editor.
There you can change all quality of your team-members (Rank, Experience,
Speed, Reaction).
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