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Clownfield 2042 Cheats

Clownfield 2042

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ultimate Guide to Basics:
Written by La Cartouche

This guide will teach you how to play and dominate in the anticipated 
sequel to Tom Clancy’s Cyberpunk 2076. After three long years in 
development this masterpiece is finally out for all to enjoy.

-=Basic Guide=-
Features, Game Play and Strategies
Clownfeild 2042 is an action-adventure turn based grand strategy point and 
click roleplay arcade game aimed at emulating the thrill and horrors of all 
out modern warfare. In they grey-somberness of the 2nd millennium a 
teleportation accident gone wrong has transported an army of identical clones 
into multiple parallel universes where they are forced to massacre each other 
in visceral, photo-realistic firefights where the winner has a chance to 
escape the never ending torment of being reborn as another clone and be 
forced to repeatedly commit fratricide in order to end this never ending 
loop of stomach churning gore and violence.

Using the largest arsenal of firearms of any video game you can duke it out 
with your friends or the deep-learning trained AI opponents for maximum 
immersion in dozens of incredibly detailed maps with distant weather systems, 
real time lighting and ray tracing. The firearms are all simulated projectile 
that take into account the humidity, Coriolis effect and configuration of 
your gun to produce the most accurate simulation of a firearm ever seen in a 
video game. These configurations can range from the mundane and basic scope 
and suppressor to flash hiders that realistically reduce the muzzle flash 
for the user and surrounding area and thermal imaging sights that give 
accurate and realistic heat signatures of opponents based on the ambient air 
temperature, composition of clothing and amount of exercise performed by 
each limb to truly make yourself feel like you’re in the middle of a never 
ending death loop of all-out warfare.

The vehicles are superb, from boats to helicopter all with their own damage 
models that change appearance as you shoot them and individual components 
that can be damaged, set on fire or even destroyed by your weapons and the 
shrapnel that they create, all done on the most advanced physics engine on 
the market. Your vehicles will realistically deformed terrain based on their 
weight including configuration and crew and the ground pressure of each 
individual tire or track link. Thanks can get stuck in the mud and trucks 
will loose traction in low grip environments and the engine will respond 
accordingly, jumping in rpm as the wheels spin freely.

The air combat is majestic, intricate furballs are formed as AI and players 
take to the sky in the most advance flight simulation ever devised, 
everything from wind shear, to wake turbulence and even your pilot passing 
wind is calculated and rendered in real time. You can perform any maneuver 
a real pilot could, from pulling a high G cobra to intentionally stalling 
a wing and entering a flat-spin to throw your opponents off. All this with 
the most intuitive and easy to use control scheme I’ve ever seen, anyone 
from an 8 year old child to 10 year air force veteran with thousands of 
flight hours can pick this up and immediately enjoy a realistic and 
rewarding flight experience.

You can start without creating a load-out but I highly recommend you take 
a few minutes (or hours) to create an intricate player character of your 
own that stands out in the field of battle. Once you have finished recreating 
Peter Griffin in Clownfeild you can choose from the insane variety of guns 
and attachments to create a class that is suited to your liking and completely 
unique. Personally I recommend sub-machine-guns and personal defence weapons 
to new players as their high rate of fire and lower than average recoil make 
them very forgiving. For the sniping purists a large variety of DMRs, bolt 
action and semi-automatic precision rifles are at your disposal all of which 
can be zero’ed to one of 5 preset distance for bullet drop and more wind 
adjustment than you can count, all of which can be done in the menu or on 
the fly so you are always prepared for whatever is around that corner. 
Feeling a bit cheeky? Go for a semi automatic or fully automatic shotgun 
with buckshot.

However you play Clownfeild 2042 will make you feel right at home in a fun, 
bug free environment with more content than you know what to do with. The 
ever changing field of battle provides you with such unique and exhilarating 
experiences that it’ll make you go “What a time to be alive”

That’s pretty much it for me, I won’t spoil the fun of figuring out the other 
mechanics and tactics out for you but I’m sure that with this record breaking 
player-base someone else will make plenty of resources so that you can become 
the best Clownfeild player you can be. This game deserves every bit of praise 
gaming outlets give it and it is with great pleasure that I award this 
groundbreaking, never seen before, nothing else like it, one-of-a-kind, game 
of the year: Clownfeild 2042 with a 10/10 instant masterpeice.

All Console Commands:
Written by Weirdalexv

Here is a full list of all console commands in Clownfield 2042.
Note: These commands are available for the Closed Beta Version and maybe left 
on with a few limitations after the full release.

Note: These Commands are disabled in Multipalyer.

-=Player Commands=-
player.walking-speed value
player.running-speed value
player.jump-force value
player.mouse-sensitivity value

-=Misc Commands=-
LoadLevel value
SetTimescale value
SetResolution value1 value2
fullScreen value
vSynchToggle value

-=Spawn Commands=-
SpawnExplosion timer

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