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Clicker Heroes Cheats

Clicker Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Go for the Hero Souls:
You're not really playing until you're collecting Hero Souls, which are first
granted when you reach level 100. Bosses defeated every 100 levels thereafter
will grant souls. Randomly, other bosses in between will also award them. The
number of Hero Souls awarded gradually increases as you advance to later stages.
Souls are only awarded once you ascend (by using the Ascension ability learned 
from Amenhotep). Each Hero Soul grants a slight improvement to your attack power
until you spend it, allowing you to more quickly progress. You can improve your
ability to gain Hero Points by activating certain Ancients.

Ascend Wisely:
When you ascend, you will receive the number of Hero Souls you have earned, 
which you can then spend upgrading your acquired Ancients or buying new ones.
However, your general stats will reset and you'll have to start fresh. Make 
sure that you invest those Hero Points wisely, so that it becomes easier and
easier to progress through early stages that don't yield additional Hero Souls.
Eventually, you can invest in Iris, an Ancient that allows you to skip them 
altogether. Once your character is stronger, it can be tempting to try and 
venture deeper into the game world, but pay attention to how long you are taking
to progress. If things slow down to a crawl, you're better off performing an 
ascension so that you can earn souls at a faster rate. 50 Hero Souls that take
you an hour to gain are less worthwhile than 20 that you can gather in 5 minutes.

Pay Attention to the Achievements:
Don't ignore the in-game achievements, which differ from the available Steam 
achievements. In-game achievements often offer rewards in the form of 5% 
increases to the damage your heroes inflict, which over time can add up to a 
big difference. They'll unlock automatically over time, but some of them you 
can hasten along. Take a look at them and see if there are any you might be 
able to access sooner rather than later. The sooner you activate them, the 
sooner you'll be able to perform the feats that let you stretch toward some 
of the more difficult goals.

Choose Ancients That Work for You:
When you earn enough Hero Souls, you can spend them to activate Ancients. 
These special forces improve your abilities so that you will be able to 
venture much deeper into the game's world. Every Ancient you purchase increases
the number of Hero Souls that you must spend to acquire another one, so it's 
important to purchase Ancients in the order that they will prove most beneficial.
This order is of course up for debate, with players typically finding that it 
makes sense to go for a "character build" that suits their play style. If you 
like to play passively, meaning you rarely bother actually clicking yourself but
leave the game doing its thing for long stretches of time while it runs in the 
background, then it makes sense to go for Libertas and Siyalatas, while Fragsworth
and Juggernaut are better suited for busy clickers. Other Ancients, such as 
Morgulis and Mammon, are good no matter what approach you take. When you are 
offered a choice between three Ancients, you can also reroll if you don't like 
the options. It's a good idea early on to reroll if necessary in order to ensure
that you're only unlocking Ancients that will do you a great deal of good. 
You can always buy the others down the road, once you've tended to the essentials.

Gilding Heroes:
As you advance through the realms, you will find heroes. These you can pay to 
work on your behalf with the wealth you amass by defeating monsters. They'll 
hack away at foes without you needing to even click, which is important. Once
you pass a certain stage, you can also gild them.

The way this works is that you earn a new gilded hero (randomly selected) every 
10 stages, but only the first time you clear the stage in question. A gilded hero
is a great deal more powerful, since his or her stats increase dramatically with 
each gild.

You can also de-gild a hero to further level up a different one that you like more.
As you advance through the game, the heroes that make the most sense to gild will 
evolve. Early on, Treebeast can be a powerful ally, and The Masked Samurai. If a 
gilded hero is still effortlessly slaying monsters by the time the next hero in 
line becomes available, then it's likely time to decrease the number of times you
have gilded that hero and move onto the next one. Remember that used properly, 
hero gilds are practically a currency. They'll get you further in the game than
you would be able to progress otherwise.

Easy "Guide" and "Killer" achievements:
Replay earlier levels to increase your kill rate. Alternately, remain in a Boss
level and end your game session completely. Doing this will allow your characters
to defeat monsters in previous levels while you are still offline, but remain in 
the boss level when you reopen the game.

A secret monster that has 2 billion health and you can find it in lever 147 by 
right clicking and then click on where it says Bomb-Omb.

How to Get Dread Knight 2:
Written by Spiralgaia

Clicker Heroes is a 1 Player game. You have to click, Which leads to defeating 
several enemies and bosses. Each 10 enemies you destroy is up 1 stage. 
Every 5 stages is a boss.

-=How to Get Dread Knight=-
To get him/her is very tricky. Once you get up to Frostleaf it is very tricky to 
get them. Here are some ways how. Read to the end for the most recommended way.

Go afk and let clicker heroes run. Doing this will help a lot.
Try to find and fight lots of chests. Its hard but it works.
Go to the closest boss you can kill with just DPS and camp there. 
Use AFK Trick here.
Use farm mode. This makes it so you auto-level, AKA Automatic Stage Switch.

-=The Recommended Secret=-
This is the best way you can do this. 

* First level up Frostleaf to around 100. 
* Look for the heroes in the quests tab who have the top rank. 
  Not Common/Uncommon but like Noob/Demigod.
* Keep using the lowest time possible until you find quests for Large amounts 
  of gold. Keep using the Highest amount gold quests and you will have enough 
  in no time.
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