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Clandestine Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Clandestine developer console commands:
While playing as the spy, open the text chat and type in the code 
(including the slash). Press Return to execute.

Code                Effect
/erwinwhistler    - Disable the admin in the hacker network view.
/neo              - Free up the camera - pressing Space while the 
                    camera is free will lock it in place.
/nathanmuir       - Give the hacker a bunch of assets.
/garrett          - Make all enemies deaf.
/harrytasker      - Refill all magazines.
/jcdenton         - Set the minimum security level to High.
/martinbishop     - Set the minimum security level to Public.
/jasonbourne      - Toggle invisibility.
/jamesbond        - Toggle invulnerability.
/disablehud       - Enables / Disables HUD.
/lutherstickell   - Unlock all Missions.
/johnmatrix       - Unlocks All Equipement.
/ishikawa         - Toggles Value Debugging.
/speedup          - Speeds up the game (increases timescale).
/speeddown        - Slows down the game (decrease timescale).
/skipmexico       - Skips the Mexico Mission (Mission 0).
/47               - Suppose to Enables / Disables drawing of hair, 
                    but it does work with default model as it seems.
/wipeuser         - Wipes User data / Resets Achievements. 
                    Careful with this one!
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