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City Racing Cheats

City Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Car upgrade:
When upgrading a car consider to start with the chassis and tires or you might end up with
a car that's very hard to control.

Free repairs:
After your car is damaged, press [Esc], then select the "Save And Exit" option. Reload the 
game at the main menu to restore your car. Now your car is as good as new and you didn't 
spend a dime on repairs.

When police chase us:
Submitted by: daniel rajeev

When your car is being chased by the police, press Esc button, then select the "Save And 
Exit" option. Reload the game by pressing continue game at the main menu to be saved from
the police and to to restore your car.

When Chased by police!:
Submitted by: Hayyan

When being chased by the police be sure to have stunts as they give you $1000 bonus for 
each stunt for a normal without persuit it is 500 but when chased by police its 1000.

Do you wonna have a lot of money?!!!:
Update by: Satyam Bansal
Submitted by: paymon

Download this software, then go to the game
and while playing press key (i) then see how much money do you have? (see the number in 
front of account) then close the game and open the downloaded software in the current value
inter your money in game and in the wanted value inter the money you want for example 
1000000 euro .then you have to open the save game,to click on open file and go to the 
directory you have installed game for example:
c:\program files\city racing\save and then open your save "profile01.sav" 
and then click you have a lot of money.
Note: Do not tick the boxes in front of the values.

Submitted by: Joseph

Use money hack and set money to 999999999 and
upgrade default car entirely then sell car for viper and upgrade entirely for max speed.

Submitted by: Elmark

 I Just know how to hack city racing with cheat engine!!: cheat engine(i used 5.4 but anything will do)
 2.look if how many money you got at your account city racing at the computer thing then put the amount of money you have first scan
 5.find a way how to change your money(like raparing,buying or get chased by cops or tricks)
 6.if it was changed,put the new money u had earned(for example,the first one was 1000 now its 546) next scan
 8.just do it again and again till u have only one address then double click it and change it 
   value to 99999999
 9.go back to city racing
10.There you have it!! :D

NOTE:You need to have damages to your car so you can do number 5. easier.

Submitted by: mukund

when you chased by police and you have a fast car just first of all see at map the police symbol 
and avoid it then go to veru small hill and reach to top and you will see that some cars of 
police get distroyed and when you comes down you will see that some more cars of police get 
destroyed doing like this untill all cars get distroyed an then avoid all police symbol slowly 
slowly you will see that your wanted level comes down and then finally you have no wanted level.
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