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City of Villains Cheats

City of Villains

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Gladiator badges:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the Gadiator badge for the Arena:

Unlockable              How to Unlock
Arachnobot            - Awarded with the Agent of Discord badge.
Button Man Gunner     - Reach level 20.
Cobra                 - Collect the Snake Charmer badge in Mercy Island.
Fire Thorn Caster     - Reach level 30.
Juicer Sniper         - Collect the Watcher On The Knoll badge in Nerva Archepelago.
Longbow Nullifier     - Win one match in the Arena.
Longbow Rifleman      - Collect the Locked And Loaded badge in Nerva Archepelago.
Longbow Warden 2      - Complete a player vs. player mission helping your side, 
                        and another hindering your enemies.
Mook                  - Collect the Washed Up exploration badge in Port Oakes.
Mook Capo             - Awarded with the Stone Cold badge.
Nebula Elite Buckshot - Reach level 10.
Night Haunt           - Trap 50 ghosts in Fort Cerberus.
Red Hand              - Trap 100 ghosts in Fort Cerberus
Wailer                - Collect the Stone Keeper badge in St. Martial.

Supergroup badges:
Complete the indicated task in Supergroup mode to unlock the badge. The 
requirements are collective and are the sum of all the efforts of members
of your Supergroup:

Unlockable              How to Unlock
Analyzer Base Defense - Get damaged by 20,000,000 points.
Cap Au Diable Beacon  - Collect the five exploration badges in Cap Au Diable.
Improved Igniter      - Collect 100,000,000 influence outside of trading.
Mega Moniter Plans    - Collect five Supergroup badges.
Mercy Island Beacon   - Collect the six exploration badges in Mercy Island.
Nerva Beacon          - Collect the five exploration badges in Nerva Archepelago.
Port Oakes Beacon     - Collect the four exploration badges in Port Oakes.
Repulsor Base Defense - Pay off 1,000,000 in debt.
SG Mission Computer   - Sidekick or lackey for at least ten hours.
Sharkhead Beacon      - Collect the four exploration badges in Sharkhead Isle.
St. Martial Beacon    - Collect the four exploration badges in St. Martial.

Make your pets interact with others:
To make your pets talk, type /petsay_all [message] in the chat box in any mode 
To make pets use emotes, type /petsay_all [em emote name] in the chat box in 
any mode. For example, to make pets say hello type /petsay_all Hello. 
To make pets dance, type /petsay_all [em dance]. 

New Villain badge:
Play the new villain tutorial. Walk up the stairs to the third floor. 
Enter the room with "15" on the door to find the Jailbird badge.

Powder Monkey Exploration badge:
Go to the cannons on the walls of Fort Hades, located in Port Oakes. Newer 
characters should do this in the daytime to avoid the ghosts that haunt 
the fort at night.

Widower Exploration badge:
Go to Ghost Widow's Tower (the tallest one, and also has a flashing beacon on 
top) located in Fort Cerberus, on Mercy island. It is at the end of the long 

Hidden Badge for New Villains:
When you enter the new villain tutorial, take the stairs up to the third floor
and go into the room marked '15' for the Jailbird badge.

Villain Epic Arch-types:
Like the heroes' Epic Arch-types, villains can unlock theirs by getting a VILLAIN of
any arch-type to level 50. The two arch-types will be added in the character select 
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