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Chip's Challange Cheats

Chip's Challange

Submitted by: david


Level Select:
While playing, hold Ctrl-Alt and type "QWERTY". You can now access any level 
without needing a password. 

Unlimited Time: 
Enter the following exactly as written "SAGITTARIANS MAKE BETTER LOVERS". This
code removes the need to collect keys and gives unlimited time. 

Extra Points: 
To get extra points on your score, go to any level you have beaten, and beat 
that level again. 

Level Skip Plus: 
Start the game and press "F" until the screen turns upside-down. Now enter the 
following exactly as written "I THINK THEREFORE I AM". Now you do not have to 
collect any more chips and can skip the level by pressing "C". 

Level  Password   Level  Password
2      JXMJ       76     NMRH
3      ECBQ       77     FHIC
4      YMCJ       78     GRMO
5      TQKB       79     JINU
6      WNLP       80     EVUG
7      FXQO       81     SCWF
8      NHAG       82     LLIO
9      KCRE       83     OVPJ
10     VUWS       84     UVEO
11     CNPE       85     LEBX
12     WVHI       86     FLHH
13     OCKS       87     YJYS
14     BTDY       88     WZYV
15     COZQ       90     OLLM
16     SKKK       91     JPQG
17     AJMG       92     DTMI
18     HMJI       93     REKF
19     MRHR       94     EWCS
20     KGPP       95     BIFQ
21     UGRW       96     WVHY
22     WZIN       97     IOCS
23     HUVE       98     TKWD
24     UNIZ       99     XUVU
25     PQGV       100    QJXR
26     YVYJ       101    RPIR
27     IGGZ       102    VDDU
28     UJDO       103    PTAC
29     QGOL       104    KWNL
30     BQZP       105    YNEG
31     RYMS       106    NXYB
32     PEFS       107    ECRE
33     BQSN       108    LIOC
34     NQFI       109    KZQR
35     VDTM       110    XBAO
36     NXIS       111    KRQJ
37     VQNK       112    NJLA
38     BIFA       113    PTAS
39     ICYY       114    JWNL
40     YWFH       115    EGRW
41     GKWD       116    HXMF
42     LMFU       117    FPZT
43     UJDP       118    OSCW
44     TXHL       119    PHTY
45     OVPZ       120    FLXP
46     HDQY       121    BPYS
47     LXPP       122    SJUM
48     JYSF       123    YKZE
49     PPXI       124    TASK
50     QBDH       125    MYRT
51     IGGJ       126    QRLD
52     PPHT       127    JMWZ
53     CGNX       128    FTLA
54     ZMGC       129    HEAN
55     SJES       130    XHIZ
56     FCJE       131    FIRD
57     UBXU       132    ZYFA
58     YBLT       133    TIGG
59     BLDM       134    XPPH
60     ZYVI       135    LYWO
61     RMOW       136    LUZL
62     TIGW       137    HPPX
63     GOHX       138    LUJT
64     IJPQ       139    VLHH
65     UPUN       140    SJUK
66     ZIKZ       141    MCJE
67     GGJA       142    UCRY
68     RTDI       143    OKOR
69     NLLY       144    GVXQ
70     GCCG       145    TONY
71     LAJM       146    JHEN
72     EKFT       147    COZA
73     QCCR       148    RGSK
74     MKNH       149    DIGW
75     MJDV

Collisions causes crashes:
If you get a key at the same time a monster lands on it, the game will freeze or
crash with a program fault. This can differ, depending on what color key you 
obtained. The fault is different on each colored key.

submitted by:

I know some of the levels in this game is easy to accomplish even wihtout 
cheating. but for those who would like to know the different password, here
are they:

Level 001 - BDHP 
Level 002 - JXMJ 
Level 003 - ECBQ 

Those are just the beginning passwords and i know those were probabaly the easiest! 
so seriuosly if u want all the passwords feel free to email me... i promise i would 
reply ASAP February 14, 2004

Disable Cheats:
If you want to disable the ability to use cheats during the game, start the game
up and simply press CTRL and T simultaneously. Then, even if you insert cheats,
they won't work!

Key Keeper Levels:
Written by CometStriderX

The levels you can finish with at least one key on hand for the Key Keeper
achievement. So youíre playing Chipís Challenge in the current year.

1.Iím sorry for your loss.
2.If youíre just here for the one achievement and have no plans to complete every 
  level, youíre in luck!
3.This isnít a guide on how to beat these levels, just which ones count towards 
  the achievement. Turns out, only about 24 of 149 levels can be ended with keys 
  in hand, so youíll need to do most of these. Search Engines are your friend if 
  you want maps and level guides.
4.There are way more (and easier) levels with shoes for the Cobbler achievement, so 
  I wonít be making a list for those.

-=Green Key Levels=-
Green Keys arenít used up, so completing any of these levels after picking one 
up counts towards the 20.

Level 1: Lesson 1
Level 9: Nuts and Bolts
Level 38: Sampler
Level 46: Three Doors
Level 54: Grail
Level 68: Eeny Miny Moe
Level 71: Corridor
Level 89: Block Buster
Level 90: Playhouse
Level 92: Vortex
Level 95: Four Square
Level 99: Catacombs
Level 104: Jailer
Level 116: Block Buster II
Level 118: Miss Direction
Level 120: Alphabet Soup
Level 127: Skelzie
Level 132: Mix Up
Level 146: Cake Walk
Level 149: Special

-=Extra Blue/Yellow/Red Key Levels=-
There are four extra levels with spare keys, which you can use to avoid some of 
the harder levels above.

Level 59: Hidden Danger Ė Take the teleport while going downwards so you donít 
          use the red key.
Level 60: Scoundrel Ė Approach the green floors by the exit from the left centre side 
          and hold down + right to sneak by the chip gate with the yellow and/or blue key.
Level 102: Icehouse Ė You donít need to use the red key.
Level 107: Balls O Fire Ė You donít need to use BOTH the yellow and blue key, only one.

Note: I did not complete Block Buster, Skelzie, Mix Up, or Cake Walk and still got the 
achievement after doing the other 20 of 24 mentioned here.
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