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Chex Quest 3 Cheats

Chex Quest 3

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the cheat function.

Code                    Result
davidbrus             - God mode
marybregi             - Invisibility
andrewbenson          - Invincibility
kimhyers              - Show map position
digitalcafe           - Full map
sherrill              - Additional map info
allen                 - Radiation suit
joelkoenigs           - Bootspork
mikekoenigs           - Full ammo
scottholman           - Full ammo, all keys
deanhyers             - Strength
charlesjacobi         - No clipping mode
leesnyder [level x]   - Level select (x from [11-15, 21-25, or 31-35])

Submitted by: Christian Stephens 

For chex quest 2 and 3. Not sure about 1. i got this from the chex quest site. 
All of them work.

Code:    "allen" 
Effect:  Gives you a normal Slimeproof Suit for 1 minute. 
Message: If this code is already in effect, or you currently possess a Slimeproof Suit,
         it will cancel either out. Power-up Toggled

Code:    "andrewbenson"
Effect:  Makes you invincible from any from of slime for 30 seconds. 
Message: If this code is already in effect, it will cancel it. Power-up Toggled.

Code:    "charlesjacobi"
Effect:  Allows you to walk through walls, Flemoids, obstacles, etc. 
Message: Using this code while it is already active will deactivate it. 
         No Clipping Mode ON/OFF.

Code:   "davidbrus" 
Effect: Sets your health to 100% (even if you have more), and makes you invincible until
        you activate the code again. Can run concurrent with the "andrewbenson" code. 
Message: Invincible Mode On/Off

Code:   "deanhyers" 
Effect: Raises your health up to 100%, makes your Bootspoon available for use, even if 
        you have the Super Bootspork, by toggling between the two by pressing 1, and 
        increases the power of your Bootspoon tenfold until you use the code again, 
        if you change the level, or if you restart the current level. 
Message: Power-up Toggled

Code:    "digitalcafe" 
Effect:  Gives you a Computer Area Map if you don't have one, or takes it away if you do.
         Lasts until the end of the current level is changed, or if you restart it. 
Message: Power-up Toggled

Code:   "idmus"## 
Effect: Will change the current music based on the number chosen. 11-15, 21-25, and 31-35
        will change the music to the appropiate level music. Will not carry over if you 
        exit your current quest. Works in Super Slimey. Music Change

Code:   "joelkoenigs" 
Effect: Gives you a Super Bootspork. ... Eat Chex(R)!

Code:   "joshuastorms"
Effect: Gives you Ultra Goggles if you don't have them, or takes them away if you do. 
        Power-up Toggled

Code:   "kimhyers" 
Effect: Tells you the coordinates of where you are on the current level (X and Y), as well
        as your elevation (Z). Using this code again will cancel out the effect. Works in 
        Super Slimey. "

Code:  idmypos" is "true"/"false"

Code:   "leesnyder"## 
Effect: Will take you to the desired level, with ## representing 11-15, 21-25, and 31-35. 
        Using this code will cause you to act as if you restarted on the level you went 
        to, as you will lose all zorchers, except your Bootspoon and Mini-zorcher, all 
        of your zorch energy, except your standard 50 Mini-zorcher zorches, all of your
        armor and keys, and will set you to 100% health. Changing Level...

Code:   "marybregi" 
Effect: Makes you partially invisible from Flemoids for 1 minute. During this time, 
        their attack accuracy is dropped, and their long-range attacks will frequently 
        miss. When 5 seconds remain, you will begin blinking. Using this code while it 
        is in effect will cancel it. Power-up Toggled

Code:    "mikekoenigs" 
Effect:  Gives you all zorchers, a Zorchpak, full zorcher ammo, and 200% armor. 
Message: Zorch Added.

Code:    "scottholman" 
Effect:  Gives you all zorchers, a Zorchpak, full zorcher ammo, 200% armor, and all six 
Message: Super Zorch Added

Code:   "sherrill" 
Effect: The first use will reveal all unexplored areas and walls, including some excluded#
        in a Computer Area Map. The second use will also reveal the locations of all 
        decorations, items, projectiles, other obstacles, and Flemoids, including those 
        that have already been zorched, which is where Flemoids will reappear in Super 
        Slimey. These appear as green triangles. The third use will cancel the code out. 
        It must be used in the Map View mode (press Tab to use the Map View). Will not 
        disrupt Computer Area Maps. Will not carry over if you exit your current quest. 

Note: Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the 
universe is that  none of it has tried to contact us. - Bill Watterson.
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