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Chex Quest 2 Cheats

Chex Quest 2

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes while playing. 

 Effect                    Code
 More strength            - DEANHYERS
 Show position on map     - KIMHYERS
 Radiation suit           - ALLEN
 Bootspork and "Eat Chex" - JOELKOENIGS
 God Mode                 - DAVIDBRUS
 All Ammo                 - MIKEKOENIGS
 All Ammo and Keys        - SCOTTHOLMAN
 All Map                  - DIGITALCAFE
 Invisibility             - MARYBREGI
 Invulnerability          - ANDREWBENSON
 No Clipping              - CHARLESJACOBI
 Position On Map          - KIMHYERS
 Additional Map Info      - SHERRILL
 Warp to Level Y          - LEESNYDER 1 Y 
                            (Y = 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
 Change music             - IDMUS[11-15, 21-25, or 31-35]
 Toggle Ultra Goggles     - JOSHUASTORMS

Mix with Doom:
To play the game in a Doom-like standard, replace the WAD 
files with those from Doom, Final Doom, or Doom 2. 
Note: The opposite can also be done.
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