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Chessmaster 7000 Cheats

Chessmaster 7000


Hint 1:
Choose your board carefully. A top-down point of view gives 
you the best vantage point for strategy. 

Hint 2:
The "Visual Thinking" window, available in the Game Room, 
allows you to observe your computer opponent's train of 
thought on a minichessboard. If you have trouble visualizing 
several moves in advance, using this feature can help. 

Hint 3:
Use the Classroom to perfect your game. Start with lessons 
that seem below your skill level; you'll probably pick up 
pointers that you hadn't originally considered. 

Hint 4:
Don't overlook the Library. Visit this room to observe past 
matches between masters. If you pay close attention, you can 
learn lots of strategies and techniques.
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