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Chaos Overlords Cheats

Chaos Overlords

Cheat Codes:
Type these in as your name when you start a new game:

Name           Effect
SMGHUBBLE    - See all of the gangs in every sector.
SMGKICKASS   - Five fully equipped ground zeroes.
SMGMILD      - Every hire is fully healed.
SMGFUNDAGE   - $1500.
SMGISLANDS   - Police in all sectors except those with HQ.
SMGSPANK     - Six right hand men.
SMGMILK      - All hire in at maximum health.

Making money:
There are a few ways to make money in the game, the first being 
Influencing sites to get protection money. At the beginning, you
should immediately search for and acquire sites that pay high for
protection, such as Corporate Towers or Casinos. A steady income 
will help a lot. The second way is Chaos-ing. Each gang has a 
different Chaos rating, and the money made is determined by a dice
roll that involves this rating. This method is riskier as your gang
may overdo it and attract police attention. The third is unreliable,
but still worth mentioning. If you are lucky enough to see a gang 
with positive upkeep, hire them as fast as you can. Though the 
contract fee may be high, they will immediately recoup your losses 
in the next few turn.
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