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Championship Manager 01 Cheats

Championship Manager 01

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Wawan

Cheat mode:
Go directory Data. Find and edit file "euro.cfg" and "player_setup.cfg".
Now You can get every player if you like. In "euro.cfg", club from 
Division Two on every Euro country can get play in Champion Cup.In 
"player_setup.cfg", you can transfer star player from any club to any
club with Bosman rule or not. Example, Sheva from AC Milan can move to
Onasbruck, club from German Division Two.

Exit without saving:
You could not exit without saving until now. If you press asterix (*)
on the numeric pad the game will exit safely, thus giving you another
chance to win that all important game!

Free Players:
To get a player to volunteer, place an outrageous bid for him ? twice 
his market value. Then, after his team has accepted, change your offer
to zilch (o) and select Cancel on the Adjust Offer screen!

Fast matches:
Bored of waiting? Only have a limited amount of time to play? Well, 
here's how to speed up your game. Press the space bar at any time 
during the game, as long as there isn't any commentry on the screen
at the time. You will need to do this at the start of the second half
as well.

Getting Players for Cheap:
This is one method of getting cheap players that you want, but it is
a bit more risky. 

* One way is to add the manager of the club that the player is at. Then
  you can release the player you want and resign as manager that day. 
  The very next day you will see that the player is freelance and plays
  for number one. You can then attempt to sign the player on at a cheap

* The other option is to add the manager then just make a bid of about
  a million or so, so that it isn't to unrealistic. You are manager of
  the club that you want the player from so you accept and reject any
  other bids from other clubs and let the player go to your club for a
  very small amount.

Cheap players and good players:
Recomend you to search over Sweden league more exactly in times like Malmo
and Djugarden there you buy more players and lose less money. You can get 
a good player using 300m. I also recomend the best striker of the game he 
score 30-50 goals for season. His names Maxim Tsigalko and plays on Dinamo
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