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Championship Manager 2006 Cheats

Championship Manager 2006

Recommended players:
Submitted by: conner54

* Two players who are good and quite cheap are Paolo Maldini and Henrik Larsson.
* Buy Fred Diarra (Lyon) and Anderson (Coritiba).
* Bjarni Gudjonsson is good for lower league sides (i.e., Conference). 
  He is Icelandic and a free agent.
* Toldo from Valencia is a good buy. He is cheap and is skilled. You may have 
  to pay slightly over his asking price but it is worth it.
* Five players who are good and quite cheap are Edison Mendez, Philip Cocu, 
  Andre Bergdolmo, Jay-Jay Okocha, and Emile Mpenza.

Submitted by: black possum

Search for "felipe" and buy the one who plays for Al Sadd in Quatar. Put him as
wherever recommended and at attacking midfielder. This is the key to victory.
He is soooooo good.

If you want a cheap dream team buy these players:
Submitted by: Kerem Ali

GK:Andreas Reinke(Werder Bremen)
FBR:Pierre FanFan(Rangers)-Escudero(Unknown)
FBL:Felipe*(Al-Saad)-mit zat(Fenerbahe)
DC:Raio Piiroja(Unknown)-Toni Kuivasto(Unknown)
Tomasz Klos*(Wisla)-Arkadiusz Glowacki(Wisla)
Fabao*(Sao Paulo)He is great he doesn't look great but try him.
Bobo Balde*(Celtic)
Sebastian Pena*(Quilmes he is a little expensive)
DM:Roy Keane*(Celtic)
Neill Lennon*(Celtic)
MC:Ceyhun Eris*(Genlerbirliği)
Marcelo Nildo Quinteros*(Unknown)
Selim Benachour(Unknown)
Marcelinho Carioca*(Free Agent)
Flavio Conceiao(Free Agent)
Jason Koumas*(Cardiff)
Marcelo Nildo Quinteros(Unknown)
Jan Derek Sorensen(Unknown)
Ricardo Quaresma***(Porto)(He is expensive)
AM:Ceyhun Eris*
F:Rolando David Zarate(Zaragoza)
Ceyhun Eris*
Henrik Larsson***
David Zarate*
Martin Palermo*
Steven Thompson*(Unknown)

Cm 2006 The Best Cheap Players:
Submitted by: DimitrisGreece

i have found many great players for this game, and they are all very cheap (>5M).

GK:Henao (Santos), he will cost you only 1.1M
LB:Felipe (All-Sadd), only 1.8M (i mostly use him as AML but he is good enough as a defender), 
Georgatos (Olympiakos), Searle (Forest Green)
RB:Giourkas (Dinamo Moscow), he will cost you 4.5M and he will fastly become a key player, 
Julio Manzur (Guarani), only for 60K, Gitsalis (Panionios), one of the best youngsters of 
the game
DC:Rafaei Olarra (Macc. Haifa),he costs only 850K, one of the best bargains of the game, 
Bobo Balde (Celtic), Tony Kuivasto (Djurgarden)
DM:Fredy Guarin (Envigado), he is only 19 and will become one of the best DMs in the game, 
and he costs onle 550K,Roy Keane (Celtic), Vanden Borre (Anderlecht), he is a bit more 
expensive but he will also become a great player, Searle (Forest Green)
MC:Fredy Guarin,Vanden Borre,Zagorakis (PAOK), Felipe, Rivaldo (Olympiakos). Zagorakis and 
Rivaldo are a bit old but they are both great players and very cheap, Ismail Aissatti (PSV)
ML-AML-WGL:Salas (Liga De Quito), only with 300k, Rivaldo, Felipe, Djorjevic (Olympiakos), 
Emerson (All-Sadd, another bargain, great player for only 1.3M),Sorlin (Rennes)
MR-AMR-WGR:Baldeon (Barcelona De Guyaquil), Fredy Guarin, Djorjevic, Emerson, Sorlin
AM:Felipe, Emerson, Rivaldo, Djorjevic, Tumer Metin (Besiktas), Kleber (Xanthi FC), Sorlin
F:Baldeon,Rondon (Deportivo Tachira),Salas,Emerson
S:Baldeon,Rondon,Salas,Emerson,Teixeira (Forest Green),Meechan (Forest Green)

If you have any question about the game contact me at Dim

Recommended players:
Try to obtain the following players.

Anderson (Coritiba) 
Andre Bergdolmo 
Andreas Reinke(GK, Werder Bremen) 
Arkadiusz Glowacki (Wisla) 
Baldeon (Barcelona De Guyaquil) 
Bjarni Gudjonsson 
Bobo Balde (Celtic) 
Ceyhun Eris (MC; Genlerbirli?i) 
David Zarate 
Djorjevic (AM; Olympiakos) 
Edison Mendez 
Emerson (All-Sadd; 1.3 million) 
Emile Mpenza 
Fabao (Sao Paulo) 
Felipe (Al Sadd Quatar; 1.8 million) 
Flavio Conceiao (Free agent) 
Fred Diarra (Lyon) 
Fredy Guarin (Envigado; 550,000) 
Georgatos (Olympiakos) 
Giourkas (RB; Dinamo Moscow; 4.5 million) 
Gitsalis (Panionios) 
Henao (GK; Santos; 1.1 million) 
Henrik Larsson 
Ismail Aissatti (PSV) 
Jan Derek Sorensen 
Jason Koumas (Cardiff) 
Jay-Jay Okocha 
Julio Manzur (Guarani; 60,000), 
Kleber (AM; Xanthi FC) 
Klos (Rangers) 
Marcelinho Carioca (Free agent) 
Marcelo Nildo Quinteros 
Martin Palermo 
Meechan (S; Forest Green) 
Mit Zat (Fenerbahe) 
Neill Lennon (Celtic) 
Paolo Maldini 
Philip Cocu 
Pierre FanFan (FBR; Rangers) 
Rafaei Olarra (DC; Macc. Haifa; 850,000) 
Raio Piiroja (DC) 
Ricardo Quaresma (Porto) 
Rivaldo (Olympiakos) 
Rolando David Zarate (F; Zaragoza) 
Rondon (Deportivo Tachira) 
Roy Keane (DM; Celtic) 
Salas (Liga De Quito) 
Searle (Forest Green) 
Sebastian Pena (Quilmes) 
Selim Benachour 
Sorlin (AM; Rennes) 
Steven Thompson 
Teixeira (S; Forest Green) 
Toldo (Valencia) 
Tomasz Klos (Wisla) 
Toni Kuivasto (Djurgarden) 
Tumer Metin (AMl Besiktas) 
Vanden Borre (MC; Anderlecht) 
Zagorakis (MC; PAOK)
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