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Cave to Kingdom Cheats

Cave to Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Start Building:
Written by Joker

I will describe you here, how to start building, or more important where to build.

Locations Matter... And I Mean It

So, this game is very slow paced. Its basically real time in movement speed of 
ur citicens. This is basically nice, but makes building very slow.

Locations to build matter, because of that!

You start out with your stockpile, its the first thing you build. You want this 
to be close to the forest!! But also you want it close to the fisherspot (game 
gives you two spots where you can build fisher, on my screenshot you see the one 
which is closest to the wood, so just forget about the other spot).

So after you built your stockpile, you build the lumbermill, this one has to be 
very close to the forest now. Also take a look at the screenshot, theres fences 
around in and just 1 location to walk into it! Ur ppl wont walk through fences, 
so think about how to rotate the lumbermill.
Same goes for stockpile btw, only difference, stockpile has 2 spots to walk into.

Third you build your house, now you want this close to stockpile and lumbermill, 
since your carrier will get materials to build it up from both spots. 
Its basically the same thing for fisher, and buildings after that, so think good 
about your placement.

Theres an option to move buildings afterwards, but it will cause you to rebuild 
tem, and again, thats slow. Also you lose half materials by doing so. 
So take your time and think about where your building up.

I am aware this guide is nothing special. But i wanted to help you to save time. 
I started the game over, because i had no clue about the slow building and 
transports, and picked bad spots to start from... The locations on my screenshot 
are still not perfect, but way better than my "first try".
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