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Cat Goes Fishing Cheats

Cat Goes Fishing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Catch Sodafish:
Written by mikizereq

In this guide you can find info (step-by-step) how to get sodafish in 
Cat Goes Fishing.

-=Step 1: Useful Stuff=-
You are going to need:

* Collier ship.
* Master rod with upgrades flick and sinker (optional glitterbait).
* Optional lightbulb (with even more optional battery hat).

-=Step 2: Clearing the Area=-
Before you go for the cocaine addict you need to clear the nearby area 
of all chaws and medium fish (youre not gonna need them).

Be careful when using bombs, make sure not to explode near sodafish.

-=Step 3: Do a Flip=-
When you approach sodafish make sure not to get too close or else he will 
steal your bait and cancel the cast. You need to make him flip upside down
so that the soda can attached to him falls off. When that happens quickly 
rotate around the fish and grab the can (do not leave his range or else he
will dash for the can and get it back).After all this give him the can and 
pull him to the boat

-=Step 4: Profit=-
1 500 000$ Baby!
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